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Oct 5 2012 Anchor

Hi I am looking to form a small team to make a game in unity if anyone is interested. I have no game idea really just something along the lines of a resource/survival game with a touch of cute creature and stuff. It is just a small idea to base it off but i am up to idea for anyone that wants to form a team with me. I am 3D artist not a scripting but i have small knowledge of scripting in unityscript. The game most probably wont be a profit but more a learning and improving everyone's skill, but if it gets to a point where it could make a profit we could try.

So if you would like yo message me or if you have any questions please leave a message.

Here is my portfolio and my showreel

Thank you for your time.

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lancer611 Professional Software Developer
Oct 6 2012 Anchor

You should add some pics to your profile, or provide a link to a portfolio so that people can check you out to see if you have skills/talent capable of doing what you claim.


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Oct 6 2012 Anchor

Thanks for the advice i totally forgot to put that up haha

Oct 10 2012 Anchor

What kind of genre are you going for?

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TheUnabridgedGamer It's been a long time...
Oct 10 2012 Anchor

Someone wrote: What kind of genre are you going for?

If I'm reading this right, pretty much "whatever genre DayZ and Minecraft sit in".

Oct 10 2012 Anchor

Oh, well...hmmm

Oct 10 2012 Anchor

That would be open-world survival i believe?

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