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Jan 27 2013 Anchor

Hi i am looking for a tutorial or help to make a game similar to evil genius/dungeon keeper in unity such as an extension or something showing how to make the grid based building and how it loads the right model for the room etc (so it uses side block A /center block etc) how to limit buildings to when they have the tech and right room etc and general AI etc i have basic C knowledge as doing it in uni and have some basic modeling skills but need help so can make a prototype can anyone help point me towards any kits,tutorials etc

Jan 29 2013 Anchor

Hi wiseowlstudios:
You might consider these:

1. Unity tutorials -

2. Game tutorials site -

3. Blender Game Engine tutorials (open source) -

4. Game kits:
- Visual Development - 3D Rad (Free)
- Game Maker (licence $34US)
- tutorials goto youtube
Happy hunting

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