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Boozel Ding-bat
Jan 16 2013 Anchor

Hey everyone.

I'm still learning a lot of the basics of game programming. I'm a CS major in college, so I know how to code, but I like to study peoples' techniques and methods. In fact, I find that it's the best way to learn for me!

With that said, I was hoping someone could point out some games with open source codes (in C++) that I can study. It'd be very appreciated!

I'm already going through HL2's source code. What else is out there?

P.S.: I should mention that I'm not really looking for AAA titles that have released their assets (because that doesn't happen much). The only thing I care about is that it's a functioning game! So, I mean, even if it's a one level 2D platformer that you made in a day, I'd still love to see its source!


Jan 16 2013 Anchor

Take a look at id Softwares projects, They are mostly open source.

Jan 16 2013 Anchor

The Torque 3D engine is open source.

Jan 16 2013 Anchor

reviews of all (?) of id's gpl releases:


Go play some Quake 2:
It's like Source v0.9, only... better!
Play Paintball for Doom 3!:
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Jan 18 2013 Anchor

ShinobiNFC wrote: Take a look at id Softwares projects, They are mostly open source.

yeah like return to castle wolfenstein is open source

Boozel Ding-bat
Jan 19 2013 Anchor

Sweet, thanks for the leads everyone!

Jan 23 2013 Anchor

SuperTuxKart is completely open source and uses the Irrlicht game engine (which is itself open source). You can get the source for STK here

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