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Jul 16 2013 Anchor

I will be Creative Director and Lead Designer. Here's some info:

Anarchia: The Pilgrimage Concept Document

Means of Development: Unreal Engine

Aesthetical Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Stealth-Adventure,
Fallout-Ish, Cyberpunk, Sci-FiMechanical Aesthetic: Fantasy, Expression, Exploration,

Art-Style: Cel-Shaded, Comic Book-y, Dark

Gameplay Genre: RPG, Action-Adventure, FPSLevel Types: Large Hubs, Areas

Design Focus: Accessibility, Depth in Choice, Unique feel,
Engagement, Elegance, Thought-Provoking Situations and Puzzles

Gameplay Type: Emergent, Non-Linear

Emotional Focus: Loneliness, Awe, Terror, Investment,

Mexico taken over by powerful drug cartel, brainwashes
citizens into zealous patriotism to be unquestioning of actions, wants to take
back New Mexico. Commits siege and invades New Mexico. Misfired drone hits gas
pipe in Zion, kills 12,000. Zionist people in emotional state, angry at America
for tragedy and assisting Egyptian liberation efforts. Terrorist organization
convinces people to overthrow government and put them in power, attacks states.

US in emotional state, American Nazi party plays on emotions and suggests war
on Zion and Mexico, many voted into government. War on Mexico and Zion declared
by US, Mexico signs treaty of absorption, all Mexicans forced to either join
army or be lower-class worker. European countries cut off trade with US, US
declares war on European countries, takes over all of South America, military
becomes nearly unstoppable. US and Europe begin Arms race. Britain begins
Second League of Nations, goes to Africa and absorbs most countries. Australia
joins, knowing US could easily take them. Asian countries join League of
Nations, scared of Nazi US’s military. US sends spies to Russia, finds leftover
nukes from Cold War, re-enables them. US decides to bomb enemy major government
capitols with nukes and lesser capitals with MOABs. Same strategy is in League
of Nations, uses weakened FOABs. Bombs launch on July 4th 2036,
government collapses. Population reduced to 50% of original. Riots take place
all over the world, most go into hiding or become bandits, some try to
re-establish new governments. Game takes place in 2154, begins on July the 4th.

Anarchia: Some Factions(Note: Devving is early on and is subject to change)

New American Order, or NAONazi Organization, wants to reclaim states and make it a
Nazi State. Occupied Mainland and Kentucky. Follow the teachings of George
Lincoln Rockwell, and salute is “Heil Rockwell”. Leader is named Charles Smithson.
Flag is US Flag but Stars are replaced with swastikas, blue is chalk-white,
white stripes are black, Reichsadlers on corners.

New Allied National party, or NAN party. Also known as
Nannies.Neutral Organization that protects US shores.

The United Crusaders
Religious organization wanting to take back US and make it a
theodemocracy. Socially split into Mormons and Christians. Controls Eastern
Coast, flag is US flag with large cross on blue. Most actions are more of a
“WWJD?” action, and churches are mostly pacifist, although some underground
churches teach Christian Identity and fundamentalism, especially those in NAO
areas. Lead by Joshua Young.
PM if interested, give advice, must be experienced in UnrealScript.

Jul 16 2013 Anchor

I am a programmer and have experience with Unreal. Your post doesn't really sell me on this project because there's nothing here about the game design or specific tech needs. To be honest, right now it reads as, "here are the beginnings of a story I wrote; I want a programmer to convince me he or she will make an excellent game out of it."

I'd suggest posting about the actual game and what you need (including your own design portfolio) if you want this to succeed.

Jul 17 2013 Anchor

Never team up with the idea guy
And on top of that you're not selling the idea. It sounds boring and political. Too widespread to be feasible for non-commercial game.

Jul 18 2013 Anchor

Yet another load of uninspired drivel posted by a 'game designer' who is essentially a bad story writer who wants to take advantage of a team of skilled individuals. As 'creative director', would it really be too much of a stretch to post a summary of the gameplay mechanics so that people would know what project they are joining?

Do you have any clue about how to make a game? You don't demonstrate any knowledge of the tech that you plan to use and you expect to lead the project? Also, it sounds like you decided to eat a book by Hideo Kojima and vomit what was left all over this page.

Jul 18 2013 Anchor

So in other words... you want other people to make a AAA game while you sit back and bark orders at them? The only way you get away with that is if your name is something like Shigeru Miyamoto... and you haven't shown us anything that proves you are remotely close to that.

Why not write a novel, if you want to show this story? It would be far easier.

In the mean time... How's the gameplay going to work? Exactly what mechanics will need to be programmed? What models will need to be made. If you MUST be the ideas guy, the very least you can do is make a full GDD.

Jul 18 2013 Anchor

To be honest I don't mind joining your project as the ideas guys. My first idea will be to abruptly end the project before something terrible happens to Mexico.

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