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Sep 28 2012 Anchor

Hello everybody! You need people to test your mod/games you need a alpha-,beta- tester or just a mate to test once PM me or e-mail me.

I love to test games/mods and I have years of experience in RTS, FPS gaming and the others categories. I love the C&C series, age of empire, hl, GTA, Saint's Row and a lot more games! I have tested a lot of mods to games and some new games. Want to share my experience with you and your team and that I can develop myself even more. I want to help Indie games to be better, mods to be better!

How I report back can be in a movie, screenshot with text or just a open office document with pictures and text. I split the document in three part: Bugs list, tweaks/suggestion part and general information(This I mean with I write a few sentences how I tested the game, if I tested it on more than one device and so on.)

When I test I detailed the basis of shape, animation, sound and music. Texture that goes over each other, missing and explore the world and try to even get the game to crash. Of course I test the AI in the game! Even more stuff!

People wrote only positive things back to me and this quote i got today:

Someone wrote: Hi Anderwin,
Great feedback! I can definitely fix some of the problems. The minor drawing artifact I actually never noticed.

Another one from another game two days before:

Hi, thanks a lot for all those. I had found some of them but you mention a lot of bugs I had missed.

When can I start? I can start when I get the mod/game.

What devices I have and what I can test on:

PC gaming machine and lower computers like laptop.
Macbook pro
IOS Iphone 4S
Android with 3D feature, I have LG Optimus 3D.
Can borrow Ipad.

Some console I have:
SNES, Wii, Ds lite, 3DS, PS 1, PS 2, PS 3, Xbox 360, the old Xbox, PSP some gameboy system.

I collecting games so I have a lot of games so it's kinda hard to list them all, but I can wrote a few popular games some people can send me mods to.
(Send me a PM if you do not look the game you made a mod to on my list, it's like 90% I have the game you mod to :).)

  • All Valve games
  • All GTA games
  • All C&C games
  • All Earth(2150~) RTS serie games
  • Minecraft( I do not test so much to this game)

Send me a PM or e-mail at for more information about what I going to test and so on!

When I help you testing you need to write me down in the credit list of the mod/games.

Sep 28 2012 Anchor

Hi! I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for all those bugs you've been finding in Enola so far. Some of them are really easy to miss for me and I wouldn't be able to fix them if you hadn't found them!

Sep 29 2012 Anchor

I can vouch for him - he provided some great & detailed feedback to problems. :)

Oct 10 2012 Anchor

Gives great feedback, works hard on finding things that most testers can't. Glad to have him test my game!

TheUnabridgedGamer It's been a long time...
Oct 12 2012 Anchor

I'll keep this thread/person noted then. I've got a game in the works that will need a good tester so Ander -- I'll keep you in mind.

Oct 14 2012 Anchor

thanks people!

Just PM me Reqieumthefallen or send me a e-mail :d

Bump :D

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