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May 11 2013 Anchor

I started a Kickstarter campaign recently for a game I thought would be a lot of fun, called Insectobot Tactics. I spent an absurd amount of time drawing pictures for the game, making videos, drawing out explanations of how the game is played, and really put everything I had into making it look as professional as I could muster up.

I wanted to put this out there, and really get some honest opinions of how everything looks, to know if it actually sounds like a good concept. Everyone who has supported the project is people I know, which tells me that they probably only donated because it's my project and not because they liked the idea. As unbiased strangers, I would really appreciate some honest feedback on the project. Whats the first problem that you notice? Does the game make sense? Does it actually sound like it would be fun? What is missing that would possibly make it more enticing?

I'm really new to this game creation thing, and perhaps that's why our project has only people I know backing it. I don't know for sure, but I was hoping this was somewhere I could get some honest feedback on the project, maybe fix some things about it before it's too late. Thanks!

The project: http

May 11 2013 Anchor

Its a shame that bigger companies are using kickstarter and gaining so much popularity for their games because it makes it (in most cases) for some indie works to be noticed, and on the other hand it gets the site more views which may lead to your game being noticed.

I really like the idea but can I ask why insects?


Someone wrote: Her?

May 23 2013 Anchor

Insectobots were decided on after a string of designs, they just seemed to fit the requirements. Because it's kind of like battleship with additional rules, we wanted to differentiate ourselves from battleship, hence not using ships. Zombies was our first idea, but it's tough to make zombies that take up more than one space, and zombies are so over-done. Tanks and cars was next, but they are mostly the same size, and kind of boring. Insects on the other hand come in all different shapes and sizes, and leave plenty of room for expansion. Making them robotic was the last piece because I really liked the sound of Insectobots, the website was available, and as the artist, I'm a huge megaman fan, so making them robotic just made them look more awesome and less "ew gross insects".

May 23 2013 Anchor

If you ask me I would point out two things:
1. the art style does not really convince me, it's very simple and static, and I do not know how to really name this, but this is not the art style people are usually looking for in games, it kind off looks like drawings, not like a future game
2. when you are talking about yourselfs there is nothing that could make people belive that you can really make it, you say about everything else but your skills and experience than will make it possible for you to make a game, you should have focused more on the game making skills that you may have IMO

Besides that, did you do any PR for the project? How many people are visiting the project page? How many people actually know about your campaign? Simply starting a project on Kickstarter will not grant you the attention that you need to succeed in there.

May 23 2013 Anchor

Rimau- Thanks for the suggestions. All in all, this is really a learning experience, so if we aren't successful I still feel like if we try again we will be, and I agree with everything you said.

I suppose we should have advertised our game-making skills a bit more. We're both pretty new to all of this, and I know our video can use a lot of work. I know I can make this game, but I am not good at convincing other people of that!

All of the art was all drawn by me, who is actually a programmer more than an artist, so your suggestion that it looks static and not game-like is actually just as much a concern for me. I don't foresee any issues making the game itself, but I'm learning a lot about the creation of concept art, and still definitely have a lot to learn.

As for PR, we are supposed to be a 2 man team, I was making the game and art, and he was doing the writing and PR, answering emails and making calls and such. That being said, neither of us were really prepared. I probably should have been further along creating the gameplay, and he should have been better prepared for attracting attention to the project, because the number of people that even know about the project is far less than anticipated.

Put up a few gifs to hopefully detract from the static look, give it a bit of movement.

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