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May 23 2013 Anchor

About the Project

Our indie studio currently searchs for an experienced programmer for our online trading card game. Currently its a free time project with over 20 people working on it. Although most of our team members either work in game industry or got experience in working at games (E.g if the Programmer has successfully developed some rather complex indie games.).
Despite several 2D artists, there are 6 translators for japanese, chinese and korean language.
The game therefore aims for an asian audience.

Terms of Contract

If there is interest in working at our project and joining the team, we expect the programmer to deliver an early prototype. If we see that the programmer is capable of finishing the work, we will send him a contract.
Terms of the contract are basically that the programmer will receive 10% of the total revenue (including kickstarter), we will get with distributing the game as well as an ensurance that the contractor will be offered a paid position in our studio should the project be successfull. Should the project be successfull, the studio would be located in Tokio, Japan.


The programmer must be able to code an online trading card game with functioning mechanics as well as functioning web presence, lobby, chatroom´s, real money auctionary for collectable cards,


We know that it might sound like a risky matter, although we have already found investors, which will take over the costs of launching the game, should we be able to deliver a working prototype. Therefore we will be definately able to distribute the game, should we find a capable programmer here.

Still we are fully aware that it is a very time consuming project. Therefore we want to point out that you carefully consider, if you got the nessessary time; although we are aware that every team member has work and family as well. Thus we do not expect you to spend more than 5-7 hours a week.

Before you contact us, make sure that you are experienced enough. Mainly we search for a programmer, who is already working successfully in gameing industry and is willing and able to spend his time for potential (large) financial success. Although we are highly confident that the game will be successfull, we expect you to be aware that there is a small risk in it. We are also aware that the information provided in this thread isnt enough to decide if our project is worth time investment. Therefore you might check out our web page and read, why we think that our game will sell and why its innovative.


Should you think that you got the time and experience for this project and are interested in more information´s about us and our project "Necrotic arcana the TCG", please write us a private message. We would implement our internet presence and e-mail, however, due to spam preventation measures it is impossible for us to reveal this information here (you need to be registered for 7 days on indie db). However, you can find us on facebook under the name heavenslightstudios.

We are looking forward to read from you.

Progress so far: Currently we got around 50 high quality card illustrations already, some of them done by experienced artists, which already did illustrations for other TCG´s, like magic the gathering.

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