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Feb 16 2013 Anchor

Hello everyone! My name is Glenn, but most of everyone I know calls me Squatch. I'm brand spanking new to this community, so I look forward to posting and getting to interact with all of you!

My purpose in posting here today is to
try to find a project or team to join and contribute to. I'm a programming student, so my experience is limited; However, I'm hoping to expand that knowledge and experience! I would consider myself a beginner who has been spending a lot of time as of late trying to learn C++ and using the Allegro library.

Preferably, what I'm looking for is a
team or individual that needs a programmer. Since there's still a great deal that I must learn, so it would be perfect to start a project with other students or even those just interested in learning about game development. I mentioned earlier that I was working with C++ and Allegro. While I wouldn't mind switching over to another language or library, I'd like to remain within the the 2D genre for the time being.

If there are larger teams or projects
that are looking at this post, I would still like you to consider my participation. While I may not be able to contribute a great deal from a programming aspect, I would be more than willing to help with design elements or even within the community by promoting and raising awareness for the project.

This post may or may not be beneficial, but at very least this is my introduction to this community. I hope to talk and interact with you guys pretty regularly. Have a good night everyone!

Feb 21 2013 Anchor

Hi there.

I'm also a programmer, welcome to the community!

I am also trying to find a team and/or trying to develop a game with a team and not by myself.

I have covered a bit of C++ quite a while ago but i wouldnt say i know it too well atm.

Message me back if your interested, even if i am also a programmer :)


I wrote: "The solution to any problem is to break it up into smaller parts and attack it with logic"

I wrote: "I hate the term 'coding', as it's being thrown around alot by what seems to be the code monkeys, as oppose to the others that stand back and try to solve the problem logically first. FYI I prefer the term 'programming'.

This seems to be an interesting read: This also shows the a programmer requires more skill than is required for a coder, so a programmer would therefore be a more valuable asset to a team compared to a coder."

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