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Looking for a character artist/level designer for topdown alien swarm type game in UDK (Forums : Recruiting & Resumes : Looking for a character artist/level designer for topdown alien swarm type game in UDK) Locked
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Feb 3 2013 Anchor

Hi there,

I have been recently working on a top down view alien swarm type game. I have the ability to trigger custom skeletal meshes and anims for enemies however I don't have any. I am looking for someone who can create characters with animations and also has some knowledge of animtrees in UDK. Also, I have the ability to do level design but with the scripting it would be quite a large task so if anyone wants to help out with creating some levels that will most likely be a single room then you are more than welcome!

The idea for the game is still open and at the moment is just 'generic enemies spawn in waves'. I had an idea for zombies but I guess that would be too much like Dead Nation. Ghosts, ghouls and witches could work instead or I'm open to other ideas such as maybe playable superheroes and bad guys you have to take out. I am not a massively experienced programmer/scripter but I have made some good progress and I decided now was the time to find one or two people to assist with the game. If this sounds like your thing then please reply on here or pm me with some examples of characters/anims you've made and what your idea is for the game/your characters. I am open to almost anything at this point!

Game so far:


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