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Nov 5 2012 Anchor

Currently, my team of seven (including myself) is working on a horde-style top-down RPG called Waylay.

Our team currently consists of:

-3 Coders/programmers skilled in Unit
-2 Concept artists
-1 Graphic designer
-2 Team members learning texturing via Blender
-1 Musician
-1 Audio Editor/ Effects creator

Of course, as the list shows, most team member fulfills more than one role.

Thus, the only component we are missing is a 3D Modeler. We are not looking for anything beyond what would be expected of a basic MMO/RTS (World of Warcraft and Battle for Middle Earth, respectively, come to mind) due to the potentially very large amount of models on screen at one time.

If you are interested, send me a message or email and I can give you more details/ show you what we currently have completed.

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