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May 27 2013 Anchor

Let me start off by saying that I have no immediate way to provide payment and I cannot guarantee that there will be any revenue. I'm creating a game for the Apple App store for iPads called Fire and Ice. Here is a development blog (I only use tumblr because it was the quickest way I could find to post updates and acquire a little interest)

With that being said, when this game does get released, if it generates any profits a portion of it will go to whoever helps me out.

Fire and Ice is a game about the preservation of life and the beauty of nature. The player plays as an ice elemental (humanoid) which is part of one of four elemental tribes (ice, earth, water, air) and completes basic tasks for the people of his or her home tribe until it is discovered that one of the four tribes has been destroyed. From that point on you work with the remaining three tribes to eliminate the emotionless race that is killing the forest and the life that inhabits it. That's all I will say about it here in the open.

What I need right now is someone who can share in my passion for the design and development of video games and provide me with models and textures for some game elements such as characters and buildings. I need someone who wants to see this become a reality as much as I do.

Thank you,

May 27 2013 Anchor

getting someone as dedicated to your project as you are is unlikely, however please accept some advice from me.
For the charector Base models you really cant go past makehuman, for the motion capture try using a kinect and either making your own mocap using its sdk or installing jasper breklemans free primsense open nite drivers and his freeware open source mocap(or you can buy the bigger versions or get other ones that are free,,, but i dont know about them ones)
Emitters and models that emitt are engine specific and will undoubtably create some problems in the future with performance.. i suggest you crash test your engine and determine best polygon limits for working in your platform... multiple boxes with lots of polygons will help you work this out.. do include lots of particles as well and see just how many it all takes to make things crash.
After that pm me and we can talk about this stuff further .. id like to discuss it more with you in a non public forum.


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May 28 2013 Anchor

Thank you for your response. Those are suggestions I have not considered yet, especially not using the kinect for motion capture. Even though I know what that it's used for that, for some reason that would have been the last thing to cross my mind...

As for the particle emitters and models emitting particles and whatnot, I don't really think that shaped particle emitters will be a large problem as long as I keep the function that generates the position doesn't exceed a certain time limit. The main problem would be the particle count, though in most cases with this game I would imagine that making low particle counts in places where there should be many could be made up for with particle size. There won't be too many particle effects in the game anyway though.

I downloaded MakeHuman, the models I saw in that program are far too complex for my game. I just need something basic with little distinguishable features among characters of the same type.

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