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CrazyGoat Always very :tired:
Jul 4 2009 Anchor

*sigh...* Although I was the one to push the most that this kind of thread set it's foot on moddb too, I'm starting to regret, first off, because of the failure on my side. I never recommended what kind of free games should be placed here. MMORPG? Single player games that became free? Or you can get them free if you buy some other game? Browser games?! And so on... you get the picture I guess... I even thought that this would be a gathering place to vote your favourite freebie so some sort of guild/clan could be made out of moddb members... And as for Rappelz, neither Zippy258 or Whizzard had to bother themselves - I think the game is mentioned under portal... Where was I... Oh yes, let me conclude this somewhat rantful post with this news - Dungeons and Dragons Online is going free later this summer if anyone is interested... It is going to be restricted to some extentet for f2p players and for now that business model is going to be adopted only by USA branch of the game, whilst Codemaster (Europe) is still analyzing this news... and

"Once upon a time
In a galaxy far, far away..."
(Sorry for the eventual spelling mistakes, since Internet Explorer in which I typed this post doesn'nt have spellcheck, therefore, my spelling wand is b0rk3d)

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Jul 10 2009 Anchor

I cant download starship troopers

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