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sayoi Ethics when reply forum.
Nov 23 2008 Anchor

Thanks for the game friends.:D


We must ethics when reply forum .

Dec 10 2008 Anchor

yea! oops!

Dec 13 2008 Anchor

Savage 2 is also free now, and hey! What about Warsow?

Lucífer Legna
Dec 21 2008 Anchor
  • Link: Runes of Magic
  • Description:“Runes of Magic” is a fantasy MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) without monthly costs and free to download. Dive into Taborea, a magical world full of wonders and ancient mysteries. Meet mythical and dangerous creatures and solve the puzzle of the long perished kingdoms.
    It's up to you to discover Taborea and write its history!
    Link: Features

This game is totally worth it and free! :D
It is like another MMO like WoW, but this one is 10 times better to be honest.


86. Stick it in yo butt.
Dec 24 2008 Anchor

which one is the best

Jan 1 2009 Anchor

There's another free game coming out soon called "Battlefield Heroes". Here's the link:

Jan 5 2009 Anchor
  • Link: Eversion
  • Description: A fun "mario-esqe" platformer with a dark twist. You "everse" through different (more and more evil) dimensions of a level, each dimention opening up new routes and platforms, as you try to reach the end of the levels, collecting all the gems (for the special ending).

I suck at writing, so I totally don't do it justice , but it really is worth the 10 second download! Plus it only takes a couple hours to beat (took me 2 days playing very casually).

Arxae Resident Stepmania Freak :D
Jan 5 2009 Anchor

Zorak wrote:There's another free game coming out soon called "Battlefield Heroes". Here's the link:

nooooh :o you cant be serious >.> pretty old :p
try Atlantica online, one of the best mmo's imo
its turn based yay n_n



Jan 9 2009 Anchor
  • Link: Tribes 2
  • Description: Set in the year 3941, Tribes 2 allows the user to play as a soldier in one of several factions (referred to in the game as tribes), such as the Children of the Phoenix, the Blood Eagle, the Diamond Sword, and the Star Wolf. Players can also choose to play a rebelling human-created soldier/worker race called the BioDerms. None of the factions differ from each other in strengths or weaknesses, but each has a distinctive look and background story.


"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster."
- Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, Aphorism 146

Jan 9 2009 Anchor

Battlecruiser Millenium:

A Space Simulation with a near endless expanse in whitch to explore and destroy at your whim.

Universal Combat: Air Land Sea Space

Similar to Battlecruiser, it offers much more weapons, assets, items, and much updated graphics and UI. you can command, an infantry unit, many different sea based units, aircraft and spacecraft from a massive cruiser to a fighter the size of a car, to an armed astronaught.

Jan 9 2009 Anchor
  • Link: Lemmingball-Z (LBZ3D)
  • Description: Lemmingball Z is a fighting game for linux and windows, loosely based on DBZ, the hit anime' And when say loosely based, i mean with a big twist' Instead off the normal characters from the anime, this game features cute LEMMINGS bashing eachothers skull in! The game is released, and new versions are always in development.

    I hope you like it!

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Jan 25 2009 Anchor

thanks for the games

Mar 6 2009 Anchor

nice gaming list.. thanks for posting guys! ^^,

Mar 15 2009 Anchor

well i dont know if its mentioned but Ground Control 1 free

Dejiko uuuuUUUUuuuuuUUuuu
Mar 15 2009 Anchor

bootfighter windom XP SP-2. It's basically a gundam-like fan game. it's like federation vs zeon except it has a much faster pace and it has online play (sadly you need to enter the server's IP address to join, but there are programs to find them)

No idea where the "bootfighter" came from, but the other stuff is obviously making fun of XP (it also has linux mechs XD) You can make your own pilot and use custom portraits and voice too.


leilei wrote:it might sound vapor by now but it ain't dead. MOCK MY WORDS

Ennui wrote:It looks sexy and glides even sexier

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Dra6o0n The one holding a lot of ideas...
Mar 20 2009 Anchor

Nobody noticed that Mabinogi NA updated to Chapter 2 and has more features for free? Just adding it in since I play on that A LOT.

And... Screw WoW... It will ruin your life. I just like to say that since it's too big (in a lot of ways) that it smothers players to death (literally?)...

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Arxae Resident Stepmania Freak :D
Mar 20 2009 Anchor

Dra6o0nAnd... wrote:
i played (not on official tough) i found it fun (fun like any other mmorpg out there) but i never felt any addiction
what i dont get is that people get addicted to wow and play to death
if you look at wow objectively, then it aint a bad game, its just a copy of every other mmorpg out there only with a slightly different (fantasy) theme
i allso dont get, why do mmorpgs allways have to be fantasy :/ there arnt alot of sci fi, post apocalyptic, etc.. mmorpgs out ther..just fantasy :s



Apr 20 2009 Anchor

writteninsand wrote:Free games Ive enjoyed playing include : System Shock 2 , Wolf: Enemy Territory and Shark [which is one game that made me soil my pants] haha

System shock 2 Is FREE ????

May 28 2009 Anchor

can you all help me please... where can i get free grand theft auto san andreass free??please help me...

Jyffeh I am arch jailbird scowl.
May 28 2009 Anchor

azeemalias wrote:can you all help me please... where can i get free grand theft auto san andreass free??please help me...



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Yak.RUS wrote:We had a girl in my school that took LCD and now she thinks shes a balloon for the rest of her life.

ZergLurker -----------------------
May 31 2009 Anchor

you can get free games by completing survey offers.. and signing up to spam for the rest of your life yay!

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leilei The person who doesn't like anything
Jun 27 2009 Anchor

ZergLurker wrote:you can get free games by completing survey offers..

Your shady referral links suck.


<  insert subject games here  >

chaosmaster4 Head Storyboard Guy / Iron Warrior Warsmith
Jun 30 2009 Anchor

Rise and fall - Civilisations at war can also be downloaded for free now. you will need an internet connection to play it though..
Battleforge is also free4play now, i even made a group for it!(all battleforge players, join please!)

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Jul 4 2009 Anchor

Please add Rappelz. :D

Whizzard Accepted membrane
Jul 4 2009 Anchor

Why don't you provide the link yourself???

Your post was totally pointless.


And if you ask me, that game is crap. Another Asia MMO.


leilei wrote:i hear theres this concept called money you get free stuff if you give the stores this 'money', you can get almost anything you want with money!

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