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Nov 3 2008, 4:24pm Anchor

I will not chose the zombie clown, becasue i used some of it contents from another picture. And i will just show this one and see how it is and see what you guys think about it. But the survivor clown is 100 % my own idea ...

Nov 3 2008, 4:40pm Anchor

A couple steps farther in, still sucks. Haha.
User Posted Image

I'll post the final tomorrow and start on an infected. I still have no idea what to do for that :/

Nov 3 2008, 4:57pm Anchor

So today at school I started working on my survivor, but I'm curious... is an Infected REQUIRED? or can I just do the survivor, I like to take my time :3. I'll probably do an Infected if I have the time tho.

Also, Keep_It_Up, I want to say... those 2 drawings look spectacular lol.

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Nov 3 2008, 5:17pm Anchor

hi all, here's my concept. its a wheelchair zombie, who came out of the morgue, after an autopsy

User Posted Image

and three hours later

User Posted Image

still in progress

Nov 3 2008, 5:44pm Anchor

cosentino - i love the gore picture..
keep it up- love your detail pictures... love it keep up with the good work.
uppdate on my zombie clown i will do a zombie clown picture , but not like the one i did before.

Nov 3 2008, 6:01pm Anchor

I like ur paintting and ur idea , look really scared :>

This is my first WIP. The idea is for a boss which is an infected mother and a child , at the beginning they were surviors as well, and the mother was trying to protect her child from the infection. Unfortunately, both mother and child couldn't avoid this nighmare in the end . They became the boss Infected Zombie becasue she tried to protect her child from the people whom intended to infect

Left 4 Dead concept image01

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Nov 3 2008, 8:15pm Anchor

Hello, I am very happy to participate in this competition and wish everybody good luck! I am currently in college and don't have money to buy games so i REALLY want to win. I grew up playing silent hill and Resident evil so horror and zombies are a weird passion of mine, haha. Like i said, no money so i couldn't even buy the new silent hill game that came out, or dead space. I am hoping to be able to win a copy of L4D, ive been waiting for a game of this caliber for many, many, many years! I can not wait! So here we go:

Heres my first concepts for an infected character. I don't know much about the zombies in this game but i have noticed that there are certain levels of infection. Normal human types with little or no deformation, and full out deformed blobs. So i thought i would make one for the middle level, starting to mutate but still fast and agile and in human form. But as you can see, he is starting to show the characteristics of the advanced infected (boils, bubble type thing coming out of their skin and almost a type of tenticle thing also coming out of the boils.)

I started out just with a quick, normal sketch of a person. Then i started lightly adding in the boils and deformations, then hatched those parts with red pen to separate it from the normal skin.

And on the side i did a quick study on the hand mutation and on the mutation of the face/neck, and tongue.
1st concept-infected
Heres an action pose, just to draw him at a different angle, not necessarily a way this character would actually move or attack.
1st concept-infected

Please, any feedback would be MORE than welcomed! If something doesn't fit in the world of L4D, tell me. I am trying to stay as real as i can, but also trying to bring something new.

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Nov 3 2008, 8:45pm Anchor

cosentino wrote:hi all, here's my concept. its a wheelchair zombie, who came out of the morgue, after an autopsy

User Posted Image

and three hours later

User Posted Image

still in progress

that's amazing.
Best iv'e seen so far.

razorb Indie Dev
Nov 3 2008, 9:02pm Anchor

good job everyone :) keep it up! i will post some sketches soon :o just busy at work work!

and KEEP_IT_UP sexy stuff :) guna render on the comp or leave as pencil renders?

Nov 3 2008, 9:21pm Anchor

thanks! :)
render on the comp was the plan, maybe tomorrow i'll do one of them in photoshop - cannot be foreseen, because of all that f**** workload around me -.-

Nov 3 2008, 10:41pm Anchor

Meet Gabe A 21 year old gamer whos life has been turned upside down by the zombie apocalypse .

I wanted him to look awkward holding a gun, as he is not used to holding anything but a keyboard and a mouse. instead of trying to render him out realistically i went with a pant strokes style that turned out pretty good imo. i might redo him and put him an an action pose. any crits would be fantastic :)

User Posted Image

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Nov 3 2008, 11:21pm Anchor

Here is my infected boss idear. It is a mutated soldier survivor, who once was good at living and, as is apparent ain't good at that no more. I added some tentacles spurting from his head as an addition to the "creep" factor. My proposed bio for this guy is: once a prominent member of a rescue squad sent in mid apocalypse, eventually he and his team were taken down and resulted in him becoming part of the infected.
Soldier Mutation

Nov 3 2008, 11:58pm Anchor

is there a dead line for WiP? cause Im thinknig about posting my WiP an hour before I sumbit mine just cause... people.... have..... shifty eyessssss..... lol but the question is sorta serious though.

Nov 4 2008, 12:55am Anchor

Holy.. that clown is epic. What about an abandoned Theme Park or something as a map in L4D :P Oh btw, 2 days 'til the demo!

Henley the sun never sets on the eternally cool
Nov 4 2008, 12:59am Anchor

cabernet wrote:is there a dead line for WiP? cause Im thinknig about posting my WiP an hour before I sumbit mine just cause... people.... have..... shifty eyessssss..... lol but the question is sorta serious though.

as long as you can show your working then it will be fine.


Tzaechireon Young old fart.
Nov 4 2008, 1:11am Anchor

Gemini WIP 2

I also decided to call it a Gemini.


The irony of claiming I have no signature here is that now I have one.

Nov 4 2008, 2:08am Anchor

Good morning (where applicable, if not good evening ,afternoon. night etc) you guys,

Yup they would definitely provide interesting dialogue although i suspect most of Eugene's would be just plain annoying.
@ Armanguy:
If you're looking to make him more insecure with his weapon, how about a more shaky, two handed grip on his pistol? like he's clinging to it for dear life, also maybe mess him up a bit, like he's been through it, torn clothing, blood stains etc.

Another idea, this time for the infected, it's still early stages visually but i just wanted to get the idea down, and take it from there, so here goes:


The delicate, highly strung flowers of the infected world these guys are tricky, when encountering with survivors they will invariably emit a wide band and horrifying wail which will alert every other infected in the area and bring them straight to the wailers location.The only way to stop the ensuing horde which will continue as long as the wailer is 'transmitting' is, obviously, to cut the noise off at the source.
This however isn't easy Wailers are fast and will seek to out-manuevre its foes while continuing to attract as much attention as possible.
If cornered wailers will jump at the nearest aggressor and cling to him making him pretty hard to hit while all the time biting at the target and doing more damage.

I'm thinking at this stage that shocks of white hair and very pale skin may be a good visual indicator of which infected are wailers, apart from a more obvious gaping mouth but as i've said this is an initial sketch and there will be adaptations to the look.

User Posted Image
EDIT: Thinking on it i may add a swollen area to the throat like the sketch below on the right, to indicate some sort of changed physiology based on their ability to wail disturbingly.

User Posted Image

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Nov 4 2008, 2:12am Anchor

oh noes. Every retard in society has been drawn ! I was gonna draw a wheel chair guy with his legs sewn togetehr and long ass toe nails.

Nov 4 2008, 2:27am Anchor

hey tell me how this is its still a work in progress needs alot more to it but keep in mind that im only 14 so dnt be to critical lol
so feed back frm anyone would be good enough for me

Nov 4 2008, 6:42am Anchor

heres my wip so far, the idea is its a woman holding her dead child in her hands, she is a zombie however will not attack, if alerted though will scream deafening the player and atracting zombies, at this time you will not be able to see players through walls ect and will not be able to talk to them, hopfully chaos will insue

Photobucket Photobucket

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Nov 4 2008, 7:10am Anchor

hi everybody...

i love your wailer-concept, really nice idea and a great visual too... :thumbup:

your re-done sktech looks also really great! :)

had fun watching your pictures, guys...

something i just have to say to a few of the other contest-members...
don't snitch idea's from other guys - that's poor in my eyes and not really a competition!
also i don't think, that the judges like to see that, too. be CREATIVE and get your OWN idea's to paper.

Nov 4 2008, 7:13am Anchor

KEEP IT UP i hope you dont mean i "snitched" the idea of one that screams, ive been working on that for ages.

Nov 4 2008, 7:17am Anchor

Much appreciated mate, thanks for the kind words:)

Nov 4 2008, 7:21am Anchor

you know the old saw "methinks thou dost protest too much" ;)
i don't have to make a decition on that point (there are judges for that) - i just wanted to say that loud to have that in mind
(because sometimes something have to be sayed :D)
, to be honest.

@wolf: as i sayed, sometimes somethings have to be sayed! :) (the head on the second paper on the right fit's mostly i think^^)

Edited by: KEEP_IT_UP!

Nov 4 2008, 7:42am Anchor

Sherpa update.


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