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Shooter__Andy ZombieEd. dev.
Nov 3 2008 Anchor

So, my first WIP pic here.
His name is Frank. Or was Frank. He was one of the survivors, his thick suit, gasmask, helmet and his sharp'n'heavy tools helped him for a long time, but eventually he was surrounded by zombies while saving somebody (one of the other survivors, maybe? This will add more drama in the storyline) who he haven't even knew. Now he's a hulking mutated death bringer.

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Nov 3 2008 Anchor

really nice characters, guy's!!! love your work especially Eugene and the character from monkeyboygarth, i like your techniques :)

@shooter_andy: just i little point: i don't know if infected should be able to use weapons?!
none of the "real" characters could do that - it's just a question. ;)

i will edit the "p-jay"-post now, with a few fact's about him ;)

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Nov 3 2008 Anchor

Hi all!
So here is my first WIP pic, yes i know is not very original and my style of drawning is not good at all.


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Nov 3 2008 Anchor

AlexCrafter Nice idea…I like how its floating and his face is hidden. Spooky.:evil:

KEEP_IT_UP! Awesome…err I guess keep it up keep_it_up haha.

Hairwolf Love it, really nice style.

monkeyboygarth Looks pretty cool so far. Try making the
strap of his backpack look like its resting on his body a little more. It wouldn't rest on his top it would push down on that and rest against his body, ruffling his top up around the strap. Try bringing the strap closer to his body perhaps. Maybe add some more blood splats or cuts on his face and clothes to dirty him up a little?

Shooter__Andy He would make a cool boss…be hard to beat because of all his armor.

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Nov 3 2008 Anchor

children zombies are ok.


Instant Respawn!
Dream, Create, Share

User Posted Image

Nov 3 2008 Anchor

Hello to everyone.

I have updated my zombie

User Posted Image

Assaultman67 Needs a fuckin' title
Nov 3 2008 Anchor

So far i like Keep_It_Up's and Hairwolf's ...

Keep's is pretty unique although im not sure if it would actually fit the theme :/

Hairwolf's looks kinda like a hippie with suddenly changed ideals ... LOL ... which is just an appealing character to me because it suggest the character has been through alot of crap and has had to change due to the circumstances to survive ...
I think any good characters for a zombie mod need to have a sense of makeshift rebel to them and a auroa of either wearyness or that they have a bit of "cold blooded" killer in them ...

As for zombies, id try to create a character that doesn't transform so much physically, but mentally ... I would want to give people the impression that all love and good intentions of the viruses victims would be completely wiped out and replace with violent urges to feed on other people ...

Which one do you find more scary? A zombie that has mutated beyond human recognition into a lethal beast with blades and stuff coming out of its back? Or a mother who looks mildly injured yet is infected enough to be sitting in the corner feeding on her 6 year old child? (sound effects here would just amplify the spookiness x3 ... crunch, squish, etc) :O

The first one would startle you ... the second one would give you nightmares :O ...

Oh, the eyes are an important thing to change for a zombie ... they should have either utter rage or a very glazed look to them ... eyes are said to be the window to the soul ... they should reflect how mindless or how evil they have become ...

(I edited out that i was going to participate ... i suck too much at 2D drawings and i have little time :cry: )

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Nov 3 2008 Anchor

KEEP_IT_UP! wrote:EDIT: some fact's about "g-jay":

- he is the complete opposite of the zombie-killing hero
(or the survivor Eugene P. Riley for example, would be great to see those 2 different characters forced to work together ;)
there would be nice dialogs between the "zombie-counter" and the "believer" for the storyline)

- he's still struggling with the fact that he've got to kill those poor creatures to survive - prickly situations count on that often
- he's doing a lot of prayers in his "freetime" by helping the rest of the team to calm down, or just a little mumble for him self...
(maybe he could heal other survivor's with "nice words", or distract the infected by screaming verses against evil so that the other survivors could attack them much easier etc.)
- most of the time he's using a modified old colt with a long gun barrel to kill, because it was the favorite weapon of his father
(a great shooter who fell in battle...i think jacob never thought that he've got to use it one day) but at the day of the "outbrake" the weapon out of the picture frame saved his life!...

just to let you guy's know, that the "p-jay"-fact's are there...

Nov 3 2008 Anchor

stenchy wrote:

Sentaro wrote:Is it an international contest (I'm from Europe) ?

It sure is.

What?! Dammit! I'm from Europe... Or do you mean that the contest is for Europeans?

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Nov 3 2008 Anchor

Hey all, here's my go at a survivor.

Meet Sherpa Sadface, his only wish is to be happy. But in his current situation, happiness is along way off. He often wishes he could get some sort of miniature action figure army, that way he would have some time to think about less important stuff than surviving, such as other people. To him, selfishness is everywhere even in kind and sacrifying acts. In the end, no matter what you do, you could argue that all acts are for self interest. He has a hard time talking to people and often lets his actions express his thoughts and feelings.

Nov 3 2008 Anchor

Survivor :

The Homeless / The Old Fisherman / The sailor (name still not decided)

His name is Oliver. He calls himself Lord Oliver Hamburger III, claiming to be a noble man from Europe who lost his fortune due to some extremely unlucky investments; The truth is that no one knows who Oliver is, but there's a rumour that says he was a sailor who lost all his money through gambling and drinking. He now populates the alleys of the city among the homeless people, begging for money and liquor, and sleeping between boxes and newspapers.

Armed with a crowbar and a bottle of Scotch Whisky, he walks the land trying to avenge his dog Napoleon (a Bloodhound-Chihuahua half-breed, disappeared in strange circumstances while urinating in a dark corner of an alley). It is supposed to have been eaten by an "Alley Stalker" (see infected in this page).

  • Reports having been abducted by aliens that wanted to play chess against him.
  • Reports having been abducted by aliens that wanted to make "embarrassing medical tests" on him.
  • Reports having been abducted by aliens that wanted to "steal his alcohol".
  • Reports having lost his dog in strange circumstances while it was urinating.
  • Public scandal : Swimming naked in public fountain.
  • Public scandal : Seen half naked in a "three star" restaurant.
  • Public scandal : Getting naked in public because "it was too hot that day".
  • Stealing alcohol from supermarket.
  • Stealing alcohol from delivery truck.
  • Stealing alcohol from other homeless people.
  • Public disorder : Defying hygienic pool conditions by swimming with dirty clothes because "when I took them off, they say it's a public scandal"
  • Public disorder : Demanding alcohol as reward after recovering woman purse from thief because "I don't want money, I want alcohol".
  • Public disorder : Extremely bad language, even in front of children.

- Keep out of my booze, you infected bastards !
Oliver dixit.

- Do you know what is better than a crowbar and a bottle of liquor ? A shotgun and a bottle of liquor... although two bottles of liquor would be even better !
Oliver dixit.

- Alcohol sharpens my -already- keen senses.
Oliver dixit.

- There are three things that I hate... One is the infected stalkers... I can't remember the other two...
Oliver dixit.

- Do not fear, my friends ! I'm going to sing an old sailor song for you, to keep your spirits up : "TheEee shiiiip is faaaAAar frooOm po... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ".
Oliver dixit.

Conversation extract :
Louis :
"Hey Oliver ! What are you doing ! Are you drunk ?!"
Oliver : "Do not worry, alcohol sharpens my senses... Hey, look there, an infected stalker !"
Louis : "No, Oliver, that's Francis..."
Oliver : "Oh, sorry. The lights made me thi... Look there, an infected stalker !"
Louis : "NO, Oliver, that's BILL..."
Oliver : "Oh, he looked like an infected just n... Bloody shit ! An infected stalker just here !"
Louis : "Oliver... that's ME !"
Oliver : "Ehhh... yes, it was a joke... hahahaha!"
Oliver : "Oh... hello Zoey !"
Louis : "Wacha doin' Oliver ?! It's an infected stalker ! Kill him !"

NOTE : This is just a quick sketch and it's not finished. I'll be updating the picture.
The Homeless / The sailor

Infected :

Stalker / Strangler / Hunchback (name still not decided)

Do you know why Oliver had to take a weapon and start killing infected? Yes, I know it was to protect his booze from those infected bastards, but there was another reason : back in the alleys, the homeless found that they were not alone. Kidnapping and murder flood the underworld in which Oliver lived. They thought that criminal gangs were trying to profit on the poor, thinking that no one would help them (not even the police). One day, a few corageous beggars decided to explore the alleys were the crimes had taken place in order to find out who was the criminal. What they found was not human... well, at least not at all.

With yellow eyes that glow in the dark, and a big hunchback (it suffers from Kyphosis due to the infection), this beast is impressive upon sight. This monster lurks in the shadows, waiting for the prey to come near him. When near enough, he rushes forward to catch the prey with his hands. Then, he strangles the prey and eats it once dead... or at least enough dead to make sure it won't escape.

The infected is fast, and has the ability to "ambush". This ability works like this : The infected can activate the "ambush" ability for a short period of time (1 minute or so). During that time, the infected does not make any sound, even when moving. Also, the infected changes slightly his skin color to match the main color of the surrounding area (like a chameleon, but only slight change. I.E. : inside a buildind with grey concrete walls, brown wood floor and white color on columns, etc... the infected changes his skin tone slightly to a greyish-like skin color with a brownish coat on areas that "reflect" the floor). This makes it difficult to spot, but only works when the infected is not moving.

This infected ambushes the survivors in dark places. Once the survivor is near him, he rushes forward to catch him by the neck. He then begins to strangle the survivor while taking him far away from the rest of the survivors, thus enabling other infected to attack him without being exposed to open fire from the rest. You could say that he is a "kidnapper" that strangles the victim at the same time. XD During the attack, the survivor's vision gets blurry due to the fault of oxygen. He only has around 1 minute to be rescued before he dies from asphyxiation.

Even though it is tough enough to take a serious beating, once damaged badly this beast unlocks from battle and rushes to the nearest dark alley to recover health. Survivors should chase it to ensure it is defeated before being totally recovered.

This strange being is sensible to very loud sounds (i.e.: explosions). Upon hearing a very loud sound, this infected is stunned/disoriented for a while and starts moving in a random pattern, hitting anything in its path. [If a player plays with this infected, hearing an explosion near him will blurry the screen a lot (he will see vague forms), making difficult to discern friends from foes.]

It also has another weakness : light. This monster is photophobic, meaning that any light pointed at its eyes makes it retreat (that's why it wears a hat, to block the light XD). This is the best way to keep it away from the survivors. [Although he will have an excellent night-vision, if a player plays with this infected, looking directly at a light will bright the screen a lot, making difficult to see.]

It makes a sound similar to "deep breaths" (excuse my english if I write something funny/strange XD English is not my mother language). When being hit, it screams/shouts a deep gutural/nasal sound (similar to the moans of donkeys/cows/etc...). Some people claim having heard it whispering some kind of unintelligible sounds; however it is considered that are just sounds, not a language.

It could be said that this infected abilities bring a bit of "controlled chaos" to the gameplay.

NOTE : This is just a quick sketch and it's not finished. I'll be updating the picture.

Question :
Is there an official image size ? Or can we use any size we want for the drawings (provided that it's big enough to appreciate the drawing) ?

Edited by: Sentaro

Nov 3 2008 Anchor

Meet Henry, the farmer who owns the farmhouse that the survivors get to at the end of Blood Harvest.
After escaping the city and navigating through woods, the 4 survivors find the fortified farmhouse. All of the defenders have died except for Henry.
User Posted Image

This is just the basic outline, will update later.

AlexCrafter Mapper
Nov 3 2008 Anchor

Wow , what's with the sudden rush of survivor concepts? They're all looking awesome, Cerpin in particular though I love that sniper and I've yet to see any high precision rifles in l4d yet.

Nov 3 2008 Anchor

I think my post might have gotten lost with the concepts here but my question remains.This competition is not for Europeans? Since it's international and I don't know where it is :P

Nov 3 2008 Anchor

Phott wrote:I think my post might have gotten lost with the concepts here but my question remains.This competition is not for Europeans? Since it's international and I don't know where it is :P

Stenchy answered on the previous page, you can enter from Europe :)


Nov 3 2008 Anchor

Wow, thread's been busy...great stuff guys.
KEEP_IT_UP,Bunnyjen and Assaultman67 thanks so much for the kind words, your drawings rock KEEP_IT _UP and nice one on fleshing out the characters background.
Standouts for me so far are Keep_it_ups survivor priest, love the idea of a guy struggling with his faith, and on what you said about the dialogue between your character and mine, i think Eugene would probably do nothing but encourage him to forget the cross (unless of course some vampires crawled outta the woodwork) and embrace the pistol.
Also think Monkeyboygarth's character is quite strong..nice smirk on his face..wonder what he's thinking, and Oliver the tramp...just love the idea of a hobo full of bile and attitude accompanying the relatively straighter-laced characters.

Again thanks for the comments, it's getting interesting now to see everyone's takes.
Be back soon with more as soon as i get in front of my wacom again.

Edited by: Hairwolf

Nov 3 2008 Anchor

Here is Clowny, and he hates hes job more than hes life.
He was getting ready for hes job as an happy birthday clown , but there were no party when he arrived to the supposed birthday.
Instead of annoying kids they were killer kids. You can imagine what the clown did now 8) .

Alright i will show some unfinished work here, hope its a good.
here is second one need also more work ....

OK here is some more information about clowny, yes he is an alcoholic and divorced.
The wife is married to a rich guy, because she is a gold digger. He lost hes kids and now as i said before he works as a Happy birthday clown.
After finding the group he found the love within the group, its the girl in the survivor team. (dont know her name ).
Now he found some reasone to live and he will fight for it to the end.

Nov 3 2008 Anchor

Aw man that clown is awesome, I have a phobia for clowns which would really make the map scary! But I think that the clown should rather be a scary zombie than a survivor, in any case, he should have a smile makeup. Right now he just doesn't look that much like a clown if you look at the face.

Nov 3 2008 Anchor

Well i have though about the clown zombie Hmmmmmm i will make one and see if it turns out good

alright that will be my next picture a zombie clown,

Nov 3 2008 Anchor

Alright, here is the continuation of my Shadow Zombie. I've worked out more ideas for it aswell, please give me some crits because I have no idea what to do with it anymore... And yes, I know it's proportions are a bit of, it's supposed to be :) . As mentioned before, this dude stalks the survivors on the roofs and in the shadows just waiting for one of them to fall from the rest of the group, maybe one survivor doesn't really catch up or maybe he was just too fast and ran ahead of the others. Bad choices because the Shadow Zombie/Infected will strike at first chance, it jumps up on the victims back and drags them down to the ground where it feasts on the victims neck. As you can see, it's left hand is completely deformed and two bone pipes are sticking out, this can be used as a deadly weapon aswell, not only for stabbing but with enough force, it can throw it's victims to the ground. Not only is the left hand a dangerous weapon, the infection caused it's nails to grow on the right hand, which makes an excellent slashing weapon. Overall this zombie/infected will give the survivors alot of trouble.User Posted Image
During the early parts of the infection, this poor man/woman started to hurt itself in a craze of pain, hence the missing lips and the missing eye.User Posted Image

As mentioned, crits are allways welcome aswell as any ideas or just if it looks good enough to have a chance in the competion :P I'm not really an artist, I just find alot of fun in drawing sometimes. Sorry if the quality is bad, taken with a digital camera.

Edited by: Phott

Shooter__Andy ZombieEd. dev.
Nov 3 2008 Anchor

Some progress 'ere (coloring isn't fimal):

Edited by: Shooter__Andy

Nov 3 2008 Anchor

Here's the WIP of my infected, Myra. She'd be well suited for a hospital map and I think would certainly give players a shock. She was under watchful eyes of doctors and nurses due to intense labor pains. The infection ran amongst the city and soon became infecting hospital staff. Due to the hospital staff caring for Myra through her pregnancy, she contracted the virus and became another victim.

Myra's strength and rage comes not only from the infection flowing through her blood stream but also from the natural instinct to protect her baby. Like an angry mother bear, she will stop at nothing to keep her baby from harm. Her baby's cries and giggles can be heard throughout hospital halls and serve as a warning for oncoming players. Myra can also be heard singing lullabies.

EDIT: For those of you wondering, or if you even are, why I decided on this concept of a pregnant infected. For me, the initial shock of zombies isn't enough for scares to me. I think something as innocent as a baby would have prolonged effects on players like "Damnit, I hope I don't have to kill another one of those." I actually kinda of cringed at drawing this up. Maybe I'm just a wimp, but eh.

Edited by: a1Corky

starf1sh Lead Artist Infuse Digital
Nov 3 2008 Anchor

Reckon, your first clown concept is my favorite image in this thread so far dude, excellent work! :)

Edited by: starf1sh

Nov 3 2008 Anchor

OK here is Clowny infected, in this version he did not make it from the birthday party. He got infected and got stopped by the survivor, but Clowny had a suprise for them.

He got a laugh attack , when he laughs he gets energi and power up points and life points.
Do not leet him laugh. so shoot him and he will stop laugh.
Then he goes for the flip out attack , when he goes flip out do not stand still becasue he will flip you .
U will kill him if you stop him from the laugh power ups, so just shoot and hope for the best.

Nov 3 2008 Anchor

yeah, i think guy's like our two characters (your killer and my pastor) would help the storyline in a few points
(more twists and turns, moral scrubles and character changes through the game for example) because they are widely different,
but have to follow the same path - that's interesting, i guess ;)

love your myra-concept... must think at the sickening guy from "total recall", know him? ;)

Edited by: KEEP_IT_UP!

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