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lodle I am Lodle
I pwn Henley.
Nov 14 2008, 10:00pm Anchor

Hurry, deadline is in 17 hours. :P

Good luck


User Posted Image
Nov 14 2008, 10:05pm Anchor

Pheike wrote:...Bill...

thanks! i'm happy that you like him - but his name is pastor jakob aka. "p-jay" - i wrote "bill" becauce a translate-site said that it also means
"to declare, to publish, to make public"... that did the "teaser-posters" i think ;)

EDIT: hi lodle, yeah very nervous about that^^
there was a question to the mods... could you help?

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Nov 14 2008, 10:08pm Anchor


oops forgot the pic..sorry

Nov 14 2008, 10:09pm Anchor

keepitup - I was talking about the guy on the blinder concept, he looks bill from the l4d game the old guy.


Blakojako - try to render the whole body.

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Nov 14 2008, 10:13pm Anchor

@Pheike: ah, ok... my fault, thought you meant p-jay :P thx anyway :)


Hairwolf wrote:Just a quick question to the we submit just
the one drawing per category? Should probably phrase this more clearly.
I know it's one idea per category, but is it also just one piece of art
per category also.

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Nov 14 2008, 10:25pm Anchor

Really Great Stuff here.

@pk7677 : You need to show a bit more fluidity in your anatomy and remember to lay down some thought processing when designing a monster.

@KEEP_IT_UP! : Great work. I really like the priest turned chastizer. Great concept. I don't know what your trying to show in your last image. I'll wait for the final image to crit. Keep at it man.

@Sentaro: Hey man good work for sure although I'm a bit late to share some helpful tips with you. Your characters seem a bit stiff. That being said I think it's because they lack volumetric perception to their bodies and stance. Good work all the same. Good Luck.

@hb02 : Definatley need some work to tighten your images up. Think of directional lighting as your images seem to lack those. These help the most to set a mood.

@cosentino: Still need to see some actual concepts to pass judgement. Keep at it.

@Snoobs17 : Diefinately room for improvment on the actual concept. Think what this monster is supposed to do, how it's supposed to attack and defend it self.

@ekarnopp: Great planning out of your ideas. It's nice to see the thought process one goes through to get to the actual image.

@xaketh: Heh nice sketches, hope to see some concepts soon.

@outlawIIIwolf : Really nice effort here. Piece of advice: never over extend yourself as you will lose sight of your main objective. Think one step at a time and then lay them ut infront of you and piece them together.

@rom1bishoko: Hey man, Neat concept there tho it could use with some more texturing...expecially on the clothes. Good Luck.

Heres a final WIP before I finalize the piece.
User Posted Image

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Nov 14 2008, 10:35pm Anchor

The Psycho
The Psycho poses
The Psycho is a mentally ill patient that was once victim to a zombie outbreak. He uses his ability to lurk in the shadows and his sheer brutal strength to cripple his enemies. He also is very unpredictable due to his psychotic mood swings. His size, which is slightly larger than an average sized human is also an intimidation factor. Though the Psycho cannot be seen at times, the players will notice when he is near, when they start coughing due to the large medicine odors.

When the psycho lurks, his speed slowly begins to increase, eventually reaching the max speed which is double of his normal walk. The Psycho cannot be seen when he is lurking, only if he is shown at by a flashlight.

When the Psycho gets near his enemies he is able to execute a suffocation/choke attack from behind. When this attack is executed, the Psycho becomes clearly visible. This can eventually kill the victims, only unless the Psycho chooses to let go, or if he is shot or knocked off. The suffocation/choke attack also has a chance of adding a hallucination effect to the victim. The toxins and psychotic drugs from the Psycho’s straight jacket, is released into the victim, causing them to hallucinate their teammates as zombies.

When the Psycho is near his victims, there is a chance of causing area hallucination. This hallucination causes players to see multiple copies of the Psycho, though there is actually only one. This does not work if the psycho is lurking.

At random times, the Psycho might have an increase of damage and health due to his mood swings. Other times, the Psycho might not even notice if victims are near.

So, thats basically what i submitted. Good luck to everyone else!!

Nov 14 2008, 10:35pm Anchor

@Brashen What exactly didn't you get about the concept? I figure if anything the concept was the most fleshed out part of it.

Nov 14 2008, 10:36pm Anchor

Keep It Up, its hard to understand what you are asking but i think you asked something i asked a while back. If we are only allowed ONE image per category. In other words, can we send in The Final image, and then also add different image files of thumbnails, information, ect. If thats what you are asking, then someone already answered that, they said you can send in multiple images of the same concept, however you will only be judged on your best piece.

INtense! End Boss
Nov 14 2008, 11:40pm Anchor

Time to introduce the guest judge from Valve; Yasser Malaika. Yasser is one of the developers whom you can thank for the brilliant game that is L4D. Yasser is a former modder and one of the those who collaborated and worked with others within Valve to bring us L4D. Anyone close to Valve will tell you you don't have a traditional role, instead you work in many different areas and do what needs doing. Here is some of the work Yasser has done for L4D:

  • Game Artwork, such as 3D models and textures
  • Programming, including authoring tools for level creation and bot navigation AI
  • Marketing/Design, such as box art
  • User interaction design
  • Mod Support (Making it easier for players to make and share L4D mods.)
  • Lots of Playtesting. (Hopefully enough to be ready for the when the zombie apocalypse goes down for real.)

Yasser will be sharing and shown your entries and will be helping judge the best, cannot wait to see everyones final piece so please _SUBMIT NOW_ before it is too late. As always - good luck to all participants, hope you have enjoyed the contest and have learnt a lot over the past few weeks.


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

Wilhelm_III Who the hell do I think I am?
Nov 14 2008, 11:54pm Anchor

INtense! wrote:Yasser will be sharing and shown your entries and will be helping judge the best, cannot wait to see everyones final piece so please _SUBMIT NOW_ before it is too late. As always - good luck to all participants, hope you have enjoyed the contest and have learnt a lot over the past few weeks.

Not... Done... Yet! I still have 15 hours!

Here's another WiP shot:

Fixing proportions and toning down "the stare" as I type... Feedback encouraged!

Edited by: lodle

Nov 14 2008, 11:56pm Anchor

Welcome Yasser, hope you have a fun time judging all these awesome pieces of artwork that this community has produced. (Also, I hope that my e-mail made it through so you can look over mine. ;))

Good luck everyone!

EDIT: Oh, and to Wilhelm_III, your overall picture looks pretty good, the handle for the shotgun looks kind of close to the end of the gun, but other than that, so far, so good.

Edited by: Blasphemy

Nov 15 2008, 12:43am Anchor

I don't know how to post images from imageshack, and my image won't fit on this site because of size limitations. So hopefully these work, they are all lead to the same image.

User Posted Image

User Posted ImageUser Posted Image

Hey mods. please answer this ASAP!!!!

How do i "zip" up my folder to email it? Do i just compress it to a RAR. file?

OMG i compressed my folder into a RAR. file and its still 200 mb :flame:

Also do we send both PSD and JPEG files? Or is just the PSD needed? I have PSD,JPEG and TIFF for every image.

Edited by: hb02

Nov 15 2008, 1:33am Anchor

Here is my survivor wip, I made it in xsi and I'm now working on it in zbrush. I'm not sure about the colors and I still have a lot of work to do. Any critiques would be appreciated. : )
User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image

lodle I am Lodle
I pwn Henley.
Nov 15 2008, 2:03am Anchor

Just send us the jpg version not the psd file (but dont delete that file!) and if it is still over 10 Megs your doing something wrong and need to scale the resolution down.

Edited by: lodle

Nov 15 2008, 2:14am Anchor

I just work on a 11x16 inch file 300 dpi in Photoshop. I don't know any of those fancy numbers or resolution stuff, i was just told thats a good size to work on and transfers well to print. I had to email a jpeg and one image was so big that it could only fit as a bitmap file. :( It lost alot of the fine detail but you can still see the basic image. I'm hoping if they like the stuff they will write back and i could just burn the files, as they are without any compressions, onto a CD and mail it in to them.

So i don't make this same mistake twice, whats a good size to work in on photoshop?

Nov 15 2008, 2:43am Anchor

Does it have to be a .jpg or can it be a .png? Or does it really matter?

lodle I am Lodle
I pwn Henley.
Nov 15 2008, 2:46am Anchor

doesnt matter. As long as we can view it and it is not over 10 megs.

In photoshop make sure you do a save as and save it as a jpeg or png, NOT bitmap and it should come out a decent size. I have a 2000x1000 pixel jpeg and its only 500kb. Your dpi should be around 75 (300 is way too high)

Edited by: lodle

Nov 15 2008, 2:57am Anchor

Thanks for all feedbacks, I finish my coffee (the first of the day hum...) and I'll remove tattoo, try to texture (is it correct? english?) the clothes and make her XXL tits... No the last one is a joke. It's a shame?

Nov 15 2008, 3:05am Anchor

Hi all

Here is my final concept before I submit it.

Primary attack: The puss bubbles burst, flinging slime and then maybe flies come swarming out of them, blinding the player for a time with the sound of buzzing and just thousands of flies.

secondary attack: his hands can claw and do some nasty damage.

Anyway, here he is, its been fun guys best of luck and well done to everyone!


Nov 15 2008, 3:09am Anchor

Ok, last picture before i send it to ModDb.

Thank for all advices since the beginning of this contest, and for greats artists who's participate.
Ready to see you in another contest and good luck for all, and sorry for my scrappy english even if i learned stuffs and improve it more and more... :beer:
You gave me the taste of drawing again, thanks.

User Posted Image

Darklord101 Custom
Nov 15 2008, 3:18am Anchor


Looking good all! Best of Luck :)

Nov 15 2008, 3:34am Anchor


I appreciate the feedback but i don't see what you mean. I am using a two point light system for my infected image, a key light that is pointing directionally down, catching the back of him and some of the front (the shirt and belly stop practically all the light so his left leg/foot don't get much light from the front). Then there is a fill light that has very low intensity but is just there to soften the edges that the key light leaves.The fill light is the reason you can see the texture on the stomach and jeans. Anything that isn't highlighted by the Key light, and still has enough light to be visible is being hit by the fill light and bounce light.

The intensity of the colors (green, red) don't matter, i just colored over the spots the lights touched quickly to show the areas they affect.

The fill light, catches part of the right arm, and left arm (HIS right and left). The left leg is pushed back in space slightly, so the fill light is being blocked by the right leg, hence it has more green on it.

The stomach is very dimly lit by the combination of key and fill light, it isn't as far out as the arms, so it can't catch as much light as them but its also not as far back as the armpit/rib areas so it has to be lighter than those.

Also like i said, the key light is lighting behind the character also, and his left foot is slightly back in space, so the key light manages to catch the back edge of his left leg. Which is why theres a little bit of red on that foot.

as for creating mood, yes that is true. You can use light to create mood. But I used the light in this image for the purpose of lighting and being able to show detail. This isn't a scene or scenerio, and there isn't any story to it. This is simply an image to show a concept of a character, how he looks. I used the concept art that they have put out for this competition as a reference. They just used the lighting in those pieces to light the figure.

Edited by: hb02

Shooter__Andy ZombieEd. dev.
Nov 15 2008, 3:43am Anchor

How could he see something through this mask? Especially at night :)

Darklord101 Custom
Nov 15 2008, 3:57am Anchor

Shooter_Andy: Ah, thought it was evident enough, I was thinking the welder removed the tinted glass from the mask and replaced it with a more transparent one :) Though thanks for the keen observation, I guess no one would of known my explanation if you hadn't point that out.I believe there should at least be that masked stranger that no one really gets. I was going to use a gas mask;however, that was rather cliche .The whole kevlar vest, military guy usually accompanies it though it has been done numerous times before. Welding gloves and the welding apron among the hide they wear is quite tough, not sure if it can protect from zombie bites , but it would certainly reduce the chances of one getting bitten.The welding mask came into play after playing a few round of the L4D demo. The bile is rather disgusting and If I ever was in that suitation, I do not want it all over my face :P

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