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Jan 12 2013 Anchor

Hello my name is Josh and I am part of a small team working on a non-commercial game. In this team we have a few programmers and we have 2 modellers/level designers as well as a concept artist. We are looking for everyone, doesn't matter about experience. We are looking for: programmers, modellers, level designers, animators, artists etc. In this project we all learn together and all our ideas count.

About the project
The project is a sci-fi-FPS game with a some cool features. What makes this project unique is a feature called "Mod Chips". mod chips are attached to you suit and you gain upgrades for your character. Some of these upgrades/attachments, will include: extra health, extra armor, slow-motion, extra jump height, speed and many more. Some ideas are still being worked on and refined, so they are not set in stone yet. We have chosen to work on this project from the ground up, so there will be no assets or scripts, it will be entirely done by the team. At the moment the programmers are working on the character controller and the modellers are working on test levels, so we can test our features. As of now we have the character controller implemented with features such as: jump, crouch and camera leans.

This project is done through the Unity game engine and uses either JavaScript or C# as the main programming languages. It doesn't matter which languahe you choose as the two languages work together. The modellers/level designers are using Blender. If you use a different modelling program such as 3DS Max or Maya that fine.

We hope you take an interest to this project and we hope to speak to you soon


Jan 13 2013 Anchor

Do you need a Sound Designer/Music Composer?

Jan 14 2013 Anchor

Yes we could use a sound designer/music composer. Add me on Skype, my Skype name is: Joshmond


Jan 14 2013 Anchor

May we better talk through skype or anything?

Jan 16 2013 Anchor

Edit: PMed you instead

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Jan 21 2013 Anchor

Hi there Josh,
I would be interested in joining you and your team with the project. As an animator or modeler, whichever you need. If still needed


Jan 21 2013 Anchor

Thank you for showing interest in this project Teeny, We are in need of animators and modellers. Are you an organic modeller or an environment/props modeller? Either way we will want you as part of our team.

If you want to know more about the project, you can add me through Skype.

My Skype name is: Joshmond

I look forward to working with you


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