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TyrannoByte We have a T-Rex
Aug 14 2014 Anchor

I've been developing video-games for roughly ten years now, and it's about time I sat down and got serious about making something. The game in question is called KAIJU and is my vision of a gritty looking kaiju deathmatch game.

I never really had the inspiration to go forward with this project until I started watching a ton of the Godzilla films lately. So, I decided to move forward and begin production on this game. I'm going to be using 'War Of The Monsters' as inspiration which was a game for the PS2 that was essentially this same concept, but I plan to be fleshing this out quite a bit.

It was a pretty fun game, and I have a lot of great memories with this game. This is essentially the type of game I want, but with gritty and terrifying looking monsters. None of those silly rubber suits, or cartoon-like creatures. I want them to invoke fear in people if they were a real threat. I'll toss some bullet points down below for what I'm going with.

Also, if anyone is interested in helping that would be wonderful.

  • Gritty looking monsters. Think of creatures like the ones you'd see in Pacific Rim, and the Godzilla reboot series by Legendary.
  • 4 players. Of course I'd flesh this out. More than just a standard deathmatch mode too. There would of course be other gametypes like CTF, and variants like that. Some original mode ideas too of course.
  • I'm conflicted between using the Source Engine, or Unity. I'll be making the game free to play of course, but I'm leaning more towards Unity right now as it's a simple engine to use and I really like working with it.

Mainly posting this to see if there's any interest so I don't waste my time going forward with the idea.

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