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Mar 6 2013, 11:38pm Anchor

What's people's personal experience with it and its games line-up? Would a 3DS or PS Vita be better instead?

Mar 7 2013, 9:59am Anchor

Would a 3ds or ps vita be better instead ? absolutely not. the wii u is very interesting, I haven't played many games on it but the nicest thing about it is the HD. it's the first time nintendo goes hd and I think their games on it look absolutely fantastic
anyway, it's a pretty nice console but the games on it are a bit lacking right now. mostly because they are just ports with usually useless stuff on the controller screen. But once they start to make exclusives and take full advantage of the controller screen, it's gonna be awesome. a mario party on this will be awesome ;)

Mar 25 2013, 2:51pm Anchor

I do not own either a vita, 3ds or wiiu but if I had to personally pick one I'd choose the 3ds.

3DS- Nintendo will be pumping out anything Zelda/Mario/Pokemon related, and probably a billion more remakes of said franchises. So if you like the Nintendo lineup, then go for it.

Vita- Only know 1 person with the vita, and they are kinda happy with it. I've only seen the Uncharted game and it just doesn't look like enough titles to warrant a buy for me.

WiiU- Same as the wii but with HD!

Mar 27 2013, 7:19am Anchor

I think my problem with the Wii U (and most consoles which have only been released recently) is that there aren't enough games to justify purchasing one just yet. I buy consoles based on the games sold on them, not the console itself.

So if you think there are a lot of games on the system right now that you would want, then it probably would be worth it.

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Mar 27 2013, 5:01pm Anchor
TabKey wrote:I think my problem with the Wii U (and most consoles which have only been released recently) is that there aren't enough games to justify purchasing one just yet. I buy consoles based on the games sold on them, not the console itself.

So if you think there are a lot of games on the system right now that you would want, then it probably would be worth it.

100% this with the addendum that I wouldn't buy a console for the sake of just one game, e.g. Bayonetta 2 (Wii U), Pokemon X&Y (3DS), though that's more a personal choice.

Sep 10 2013, 5:05pm Anchor

My friend has a Vita and it looks like a solid system. I wanna get it just so I can play Persona 4 on the go.

Sep 14 2013, 7:18pm Anchor

if you like fire emblem or monster hunter then you should get a 3DS.
i got a wii u and i got to admit it didn't have many games right now. but it still fun to play and share screenshots at the miiverse. oh and ofcourse talk to the people there aswell.

Oct 2 2013, 11:18pm Anchor

My question on the topic basically boils down to "is Pikmin 3 worth $360?" My body says yes, but the mind says wait for another price drop...

Oct 17 2013, 3:48am Anchor

Hnoestly coming from someone who owns a Wii U not now I don't think. Maybe this time next year though. :)

Oct 29 2013, 5:09pm Anchor

the amount is ok but the real good stuff is coming next year. stuff like "X" or "Bayonetta2".

Oct 31 2013, 4:37am Anchor

I've been playing Zelda New Marios Bros, New Marios Bros Luigi, Rayman Legends, Super Smash Bros and Pikmin 3 on the Wii U and some others. To me it's a bit weird to compare this console to hand-held devices as the handheld ones doesn't have the whole co-op or multiplayer like the Wii U does. Wii U is alot about playing together with someone just like most of Nintendos consoles and that alone gives Wii U the upperhand I'd say.

If you know you might play with friends I'd say the Wii U is definitely worth the price, if not you might wanna go with the 3DS because Pokemon. ^^

Dec 12 2013, 10:13pm Anchor

i played the wii u. it SUCKS!!!! my aunt has it for us to play with. it is just good for families with young kids. if you want a real system, go for the vita.

Dec 19 2013, 12:15pm Anchor

You really can only answer a question like this for yourself. Asking if any system is "worth it" is ambiguous, unless you're talking strictly about hardware, and in most cases of this question being asked, people aren't.

Simply take an hour out of your day and browse the games library of any systems you're thinking about buying. On top of that, look for news of future releases for the next year or so. It really boils down to what you want to play because each system caters to a slightly (or in some cases, vastly) different market and type of gamer. Every system has it's merits, depending on what you like to play.

If you let others make your buying decisions for you, you're setting yourself up to be disappointed.

Dec 20 2013, 8:03am Anchor

Any system is good for a given target, but of course you may not be that target sometimes.
IMHO every Nintendo console is very strong in first party titles - people can disagree, but Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Smash Bros, games like that are always well done. One may not like it, but there's no honest way to say such titles are not perfect examples of well crafted video games.

Jan 16 2014, 10:10pm Anchor

We're living in a time where fortunately every single console has (or eventually gets) a solid line-up, since all of them are backed by big companies. So no matter what console you want to buy, you'll get at least some interesting games on it. But of course everybody wants the best for his money, so comparing good things to discern the great one is inevitable. I'll have to add that I only ever played them for a little, since I'm a PC gamer, but here are my views on the consoles you mentioned (I try to mention games from different genres, including one or two non-obvious choices and preferring exclusives, to give a more broad view on the options available):

3DS: It's a good handheld with a fantastic library, the best out of the three mentioned. It had a very strong year and will continue to get great games for quite some time, both from Nintendo and from third-parties. The sheer quantity also gives you a nice variety in genres/settings.
Notable games: Fire Emblem Awakening (Strategy), Super Mario 3D Land (Platformer), Pushmo (Puzzle), Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (Adventure/Action), Mario Kart 7 (Racing), Pokemon X/Y (RPG).
Notable upcoming games: Bravely Default Flying Fairy (RPG), Super Smash Bros. (Fighting), Yoshi's New Island (Platformer).

Vita: From a tech standpoint a more advanced device than the 3DS. It's not so much a classic handheld (like the Nintendo ones), but more an attempt at a Playstation console in your pocket, which depending on your taste is either a good or a bad thing. Despite some slower sales, it does have a nice library by now as well, and if you own other Playstation consoles, Sony is planning on integrating the Vita with them in one way or the other, so that's an interesting bonus.
Notable games: Persona 4 (RPG), Tearaway (Action), Killzone: Mercenary (Shooter), Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Action)
Notable upcoming games: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD (RPG), Hokohum(Err... puzzle?), Toukiden (Action)

Wii U: It fortunately got some games during the last months, though it did admittedly struggle with a release drought in early 2013. Due to its young age, it, like the PS4 and the XBox One, doesn't yet have the library of the 3DS. The Wii U does, however, have backwards compatibility with the Wii, which means that if you didn't own a Wii, you have a ton of games to catch up to if you don't mind older graphics. There's also nothing stopping you from just borrowing Wii games from a friend and playing them on your Wii U, without having to pay for anything. Apart from that, its touchscreen-GamePad is very convenient for certain tasks, or for continuing your game on it if someone wants to watch TV while you play. While it does have better graphic capabilities than the PS3 or the 360, it clearly is less powerful compared to the PS4 and XBox One - so you have to decide how important the graphics aspect is for you. As for the actual WiiU games, while it does have some third-party support (Assassin's Creed IV, Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Batman: Arkham Origins are all available for it), it's not on the same level as the other consoles.
Notable games: Super Mario 3D World (Platformer), Pikmin 3 (Strategy), The Wonderful 101 (Action), The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (Action/Adventure), Monster Hunter Tri (Action/Role-Playing)
Notable upcoming games: Mario Kart 8 (Racing), Bayonetta 2 (Action), Super Smash Bros (Fighting), X (RPG)

All three a great consoles - the 3DS is currently king, but that doesn't mean there are no games on the other consoles. My personal choice would probably be the WiiU because I like the current and future line up, and because off-TV play will save me from interrupting gaming sessions if a family member want to watch TV. Also, since I already own a PC, I can play cross-platform titles that appear on Microsoft and Sony consoles on there, and still get the Nintendo exclusives. Like I said, I don't own any consoles myself, it's just based on the opinions of console owners I know and on some little hands-on time. With the other two consoles out, there are even more options to consider, and that's without even mentioning PCs, Steam Boxes, mobile phones or the Ouya. There's a wealth of consoles available to choose form. and an exciting age for gaming.

Jan 23 2014, 3:49am Anchor


Feb 22 2014, 11:04am Anchor

I really like my wii u. while it doesn't get as much use as my xbox, i still find it extremely fun and enjoyable...especially with friends. and i think that's one of the best parts about gaming. so win win for me. lots of fun games to play

Apr 11 2014, 11:16pm Anchor

Yes the Wii U is worth it. The controller is define it'll innovative and changes how a person can play and develop a game. I think the Wii U has huge potential, and I find it astounding that a company like Nintendo is continuously willing to take risks, while not it's favor, Nintendo has shown that games can be changed.

Jul 28 2014, 2:48am Anchor

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Jul 28 2014, 4:20am Anchor

Leaving aside the taste in games and the current/likely upcoming library. No. Due to the closed nature of Nintendo's hardware there in no point in ever buying a Wii U for itself. The tech could be used for nifty things, but N. isn't doing it let alone letting others do it. Look at the pile of shit tech that Microsoft used Kinect for, now look at what open devs did with it, astounding things.

So, stop bothering with questions like "Is X system worth it?" and simply try to predict the number of games you would be interested in and add the cost of the console to theirs.

I'd buy an ice cream.

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