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grouchbag I art grouchier than thou.
Sep 5 2013, 1:38am Anchor

Don't know if this is the right forum,but here goes anyway.
Does anyone know if there is a free operating system that runs like Windows?And that is safe to use?
This is mainly out of curiosity,But I would appreciate any info or links.Thank you in advance! :)

Sep 5 2013, 1:41am Anchor

What do you mean runs like Windows?

grouchbag I art grouchier than thou.
Sep 5 2013, 2:46am Anchor

I think mostly something that would run (maybe) Windows apps,or work like Windows,just not BE Windows.I know how screwy this sounds anyway,but it doesn't hurt to ask.
I promise I'm not trying to be arrogant or anything.I'm also asking because a lot of you out there are WAY smarter than I am.
I will say thank you to you shadowflar3 for answering my post.Have a good one! :)


"sweet"  little old lady

Sep 5 2013, 3:04am Anchor

The answer is no. Programs are made for certain OS and Windows is one of them. You can't run Windows programs (.exe) on another operating systems. But it isn't as simple as that :)

But if you are fed up with Windows, there are alternatives with OS X (Mac) and Debian/Ubuntu/other (Linux) being the most popular. But it means you won't get to use the applications if they don't offer a version for OS X/Linux. Many popular softwares do! And for most needs you will find good alternatives on these OS for the windows applications you use. Such as web browsers, office tools, image editor etc. Mac and linux also have "Windows emulators" or "virtual machines that run Windows" so you can use your Windows software, but their function is often buggy.

The main downside is that since you're here I assume you're interested in gaming. Windows is by far the most popular platform to release games on and that won't change anytime soon even though the multiplatform trend is rising. I played WoW on an "Windows emulator" on Ubuntu for half a year so it's pretty viable but requires some effort to get the configuration right. Making games work on it is often hard and for some games impossible. Many gamers who want to use linux for their daily chores and windows for gaming actually go for a dual-boot computer which has both operating systems installed.

If you're up for a switch despite all that I recommend looking into Ubuntu. It's one of the linux distributions (sorta version) that is easy to use and has good online support. Linux simply because it's open source, free, highly customizable and I value these as a good tradeoff for limited game support. Don't ask me about Macs because I hate Apple :)

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grouchbag I art grouchier than thou.
Sep 5 2013, 3:28am Anchor

Don't worry,I HATE Apple too.Ubuntu is okay,recently gave away a computer I put an Ubuntu on.Some guy needed a laptop,no problem.I do have a Kindle Fire Hd,7 in.screen which I like.
I have a Windows 8 which works just fine,but I like Windows 7 better.Fed up with Windows?Not always,just sometimes.I Am interested in trying something new sometimes.And yes,I AM interested in gaming.I like to collect old games and sometimes play them.New games?Some.I have stuff like Rage,2 Bioshocks,Doom 3 BFG,and some other FPS games.
At present I am just curious as I said.You have been very helpful,so thank you VERY much.I wish you the best of luck in the future. 8)


"sweet"  little old lady

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