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Aug 6 2013 Anchor

aside from indie city, steam (for one thing why avoid the major ones for the time being...i will definately be overshadowed by the established ones or composed of big teams...since my first attempt i will try making a simple game prototype mostly on my own first) etc etc where else can i sell my own simple games?

especially to someone that is new to selling his own games (for now i just want to attempt making my own simple game myself from the programming end all the way to the art but of course my next attempt would be with my small indie team now ^_^ in short this first attempt is something like a quick test run)

i always get paid to work on someone elses games this time i want to try selling it to make a bit of money from it while making own simple games

software used/using are unity with chimp holding a blender....i mean gimp and blender XD

i know art is crappy for now spent the last week mostly trying to learn to program in unity just started replacing the art parts now bit by bit ^^

anyways try to get as high score as possible by grabbing as many as those bombs (the red ones) you see fall...highest i got so far when i tried testing this is 560...something each bomb is 10 points lets see if someone can beat that score XD

score comes out after time limit

also started to make an indie city account so if you guys have an indie city account ^_^
for now its empty since just made it few hours ago

all of this was done in a week (most of the week though was spent trying to learn to program in unity)...replacing the current art with my own artworks...i estimate another week hmmm

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