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Feb 3 2013 Anchor

Hi, if you are developing a game, I will test it for you, but there are a few things you should know before you contact me.
1. My only currently functional computer is a Mac OS X, my Windows is broken, and I am awaiting the chance to purchase a new one
2. I am 14 turning 15 on April 14, that may seem like I'm young and not responsible, but if I wasn't responsible, would I tell you this? Anyway, I'm 14, and I will do my best
3. If your game requires the action of installing a game via another application, like "Installer" or a .pkg file, I will not be able to play it due to Admin issues -.- So unless I can just drag and drop, don't contact me please :)
4. I am currently dealing with school, I just started year 9 and I'm starting to get over-run with homework, so I won't be able to play it all the time, and that bring me to...
5. I have a life, so don't expect me to spend all of my time on your game, if it is good enough, I might anyway :)
6. Even if I don't enjoy your game, I will do my best to play it fully without rushing

Now hopefully you have read all of that, if you have, contact me at or just message my account I am posting this with.
If you have any questions PLEASE ask!
Hopefully you will pick me to test your game, thank you for time.

Feb 9 2013 Anchor

Haha well you can never have enough playtesters, although I think really what would make you valuable is if you were able to record your first playthrough using software like PlawClaw (it might only be for Windows though). Watching people actually play the game is the most valuable part of a playtest as you can easily see where the player's experience differs negatively from the one you had intended.

All of my games are for Windows though :P

.Eiko Persona randomizer.
Feb 14 2013 Anchor

You sure have a weird way to make yourself a playtester...:S


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