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Jan 30 2014 Anchor

Well, me and my friend thought about an awesome pokemon game.
Most of the pokemons are from generation 1, new characters, new pokemons as well and a brand new
Pokemon world.
Now I just wanted to ask if I'll need any rights from the original pokemon creaters or something like that?
Thanks for helping

Jan 30 2014 Anchor

It depends what specifically you are asking.

Technically, by letter of the law and by general good manners, yes, you should ask permission. However, Nintendo are a big company and as such aren't even likely to give you the time of day.


Most companies, Nintendo somewhat included, allow games, art, ect to be made as fan works. As long as you don't try to pass it off as official or make any money off of it, chances are they will live and let live.

That said, there are cases of the opposite being true. Halo RTS did get permission, only to be hit with a cease and desist order when the mod was nearing completion, and later MS announced an official Halo RTS called Halo Wars. Likewise, Nintendo shut down a fan made browser based version of Mario 1 with a map editor just as it got big. Sega shut down Streets of Rage Remake the same way.

My opinion on the matter is to go ahead and make the game, but make sure you are clear about it being a fan game and don't try to monetise it. While most will be ok with it, be prepared to have your game shut down if they tell you to stop.

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Feb 7 2014 Anchor

I suggest you make a Pokemon inspired game that pays homage to what it is you liked about the series. Add what you want remove what you didn't like so much so, that it becomes something of its own and you can feel like it belongs to you. That's just me.

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