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Mar 24 2013 Anchor

Hey everyone. I have just started a new YouTube channel (1 week ago) with my girlfriend and I am looking for good and fun content to play on one of our channels weekly show schedule - INDIE TUESDAY.

Outline of what indie Tuesday is

INDIE TUESDAY - Every Tuesday we dedicate 2-3 video's from indie game designers and developers to help promote their work to the internet and enjoy good well rounded game review, content and (hopefully) entertainment.

Our channel is still new and I'm still working on mini-projects for the channel similar to the idea of INDIE TUESDAY so we only have one subscriber and 5 video's thus far. But with hard work and honesty I'm hoping it will grow and more people will see your work and of course mine. Win, win in my eyes but let me know if you have any suggestions on the idea. On this thread I will produce a list of games I shall be playing and the date they will be uploaded so you can see it for yourself.

GAME SCHEDULE (tentative to change)

Tuesday 9th April - BIK by mikepinto81 & Peekaboo by Cleril Calamity Studio's
Tuesday 16th April - Bloodlust by WRFstudios & Festival by Cleril Calamity Studio's

Thanks and take a look at the early product of our channel here :

Have an Awesome day!
P.S Depending on the popularity of INDIE TUESDAY - We might add a second day in the week.

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Mar 25 2013 Anchor

I'm currently working on a game and in a few weeks I should have a semi-playable version for your channel. PM for more information if you're interested

Mar 26 2013 Anchor

Hi i'd love to have you feature my Trailer or a gameplay video! My game is currently on Kickstarter but I do have a playable demo and 2 trailers.
I can't post links yet since i'm a new member, but you should be able to get to the website through my profile. Thanks!

Mar 27 2013 Anchor

Hey there! I went ahead and subscribed to your channel; I think it's a great idea and I wish you the best of luck.

My team is planning on releasing a demo of our game at the end of April, so maybe we can work something out then and give each other some exposure? Either way, best of luck with your channel. I hope it's a hit. :)

Apr 4 2013 Anchor

MikePinto81 and Tabkey, I will definitely be adding your games to my to-do list . Thank for the support. Tabkey just pm me when you have a demo and I will be more then happy to play it and upload it. I will pm back when I've uploaded it and such. Mikepinto81 I will post your asap and let you know when its up. Thanks again guys! p.s. sorry for delay in the response. I've moved recently and am now just getting settled.

Hey Everyone, Episode one and two have finally aired with the opening episodes being BIK by Mike Pinto and Peekaboo by Cleril Calamity Studios (should be watchable around 3pm today, thanks internet!). Click the game for a direct link. And remember, if you want to see your game played and promoted write a comment or PM me and I will add you to the game schedule. Thanks and have a great day!

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Apr 12 2013 Anchor

My friend and I have just released our first game.
We have a real gameplay video here -

If you like the game I can make a more detailed and high-quality video.


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Apr 12 2013 Anchor


really cool of you to do this - so much good stuff being made out there, and too few ways of spreading the word!

To that end would like to humbly nominate Dawn Patrol's game - Robotanika - for your review. The game actually came out in December (to a predictably muted response, sadly...) but we just launched a fairly substantial update (new art, animation, mode). It's a super-duper, two-handed hardcore sci-fi shooter for iPad (not an FPS) made using Unreal, and is seriously challenging (inspired by actual, classic arcade games).

It's colorful and psychedelic, has a cool, dynamic soundtrack, and stars a plant-thing called "Peaches."

Tried to post screens and some art, but can't for some reason, sorry. But you can easily find it online, or read up on it at iTunes under "Robotanika"

(and if you're interested, we'd be happy to send along a gift code - just PM me!)

Apr 13 2013 Anchor

Want a help go to
it think any help we could get will be fantastic!

Aug 29 2013 Anchor

Again i would sub to support this as i think its a great idea.

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