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Aug 1 2014 Anchor

Sounds good!

Aug 1 2014 Anchor

Hello rbx775,
I’d be glad if you could take a moment to check my portfolio:

Here below there are some tunes that maybe you can appreciate:

Aug 2 2014 Anchor

Hey there!

My name is Matt Collins, and to no surprise, I'm a composer.
I just saw this thread and noticed the deadline isn't up yet, so would love to partake in being considered!

My full portfolio is available here:

However, if I had to highlight a couple specific tracks I'd have to recommend these ones... <--- Balrum is a Kickstarter-funded game in which it is an isometric RPG fantasy. It also includes farming in it, and so with parts of this track I wanted to focus on getting that aspect in there once the guitar comes in. A sort of relaxed, alternate take on the main theme. <--- This was another track written for Balrum which focused on night exploration. I wanted to highlight Balrum's music as it seems the most relateable to Cropling. I get the sense that the game would have it's share of some adventure music, but also a good amount of calming, relaxing music. <--- This is the latest adventure sample I'd have to share. I noticed that on the page for Cropling it mentions perilous quests, battling dangerous monsters and such. So, here is a track to showcase an example of the kind of adventure music I can write! <--- Lastly, this track is actually one of my earliest, so production-wise not as impressive as newer tracks will be, however a lot of inspiration came from Yoko Shimomura's works and was focused on making a memorable piano theme. Actually have been considering remaking this track with improved production, haha!

I hope you enjoy what you hear, and look forward to hearing your thoughts!

All the best,

Aug 3 2014 Anchor

I appreciate the feedback - looking forward to hearing more!

Aug 12 2014 Anchor

Hey there !

There were some new great applications, suprisingly even over facebook and Email. So for those who rang the bell about this, thank you !

I fell a little bit behind my schedule but the voting is on and they are listening to your magic already. :)
Unfortunately I have to ask you for a little more patience till we are done babbling about everything.
Nevertheless, I'll come towards some of you about rates 'n stuff in the next couple of days, a week max.

Thanks and sry for the wait. (An Indie Dev should always be to late)
Catchy stuff on there ! Those you picked for me were also my favorites. (along with Nostalgia)
They doesnt necessarily fit Cropling of course, but interesting and cool stuff nevertheless !
To be honest though I'd still go with other composers for the job.
Still, thank you for your application MBMB. Funky portfolio. :)

The general quality of the instruments in your pieces is stunning !
I like heartfelt Piano and Scream the most. So the "memorable Piano theme" was a success I guess :)
I added you to the list of potential composers. To nag just a little:
The balrum themes would be a little bit to calm and serious for Cropling imo,
but I can see that you can adapt to a certain style. :)
Thank you Matt !

Aug 12 2014 Anchor

Greetings Rbx 775,
My name is Marcus Banks, I'm a music
producer and composer from Miami Florida, I'm interested in composing
music for future projects

I appreciate the Opportunity

Marcus Banks

Thank You For Your Time

Aug 13 2014 Anchor

Hi rbx775,

My name's Luke from Sheffield in the UK. I've been composing music for games for a while now and Nobuo Uematsu is my personal favourite composer, so inevitably influences my music a lot!

Anyway without further ado, here's some tunes to have a listen to: : <--- This is the theme from a forest area in an upcoming RPG game I worked on. Heavily inspired by Uematsu it goes through a few dramatic changes throughout the piece, to keep it interesting! <----- This is taken from Action RPG game 'Twisted Guardian.' It's the main theme to the dungeons so it's suitably dark and moody! It's also a slow, evolving piece that builds to a bit of a crescendo at the end. <------ Taken from the same game, but in a contrasting village setting. The music is peaceful to reflect the nature of the village, and instrumentation is stripped back. Inspired Koji Kondo's work on the Zelda series.

I hope you liked the samples and I look forward to seeing more from Cropling, it looks like a really fun game!

All the best,


Aug 13 2014 Anchor

rbx775, Thank you so much for taking the time to listen and giving your thoughts to myself and all the other composers, it is much appreciated! I will be taking your comments on board and wish you all the best for the future.

Best wishes


Aug 14 2014 Anchor

Always good to see another Sheffield based composer, Luke! I'm also from Sheffield - small world!

I must say, as a sweeping statement, I've also enjoyed listening to everyone's work in this thread. It's refreshing to hear so many different styles in one place.

Aug 14 2014 Anchor

Hey rbx775 ! :)

I'm Clément, a french dude, music composer for sure, as that's what you're looking for, and your game already looks fantastic ! :D

Here are few examples of what I can do :
A Night Walk ==> Some sort of exploration theme in a calm world, not what you're looking for instrumentation wise I think, but still can give you an idea of what I can do, the kind of melodies I come up with, ambiance, stuff like that... :)

Sunless World ==> Based on the same idea as the previous one, but with piano, different percussive stuff, and different stuff in general.

Halfway Dreaming ==> Very different this time, very dreamy, lighter and still kinda serious/dark in some way. In two parts, linked by the piano theme, just like dreams go from a place to another without even letting us noticing the changes... that's what I was trying to capture.

Exploration test ==> A short piece I composed for a game audition on indiedb, months ago. I first made it kinda sad, but it wasn't what he needed in the end, so I changed it to something happier, and that's what I came up with. Acoustic guitar, flute, xylophones, etc... it's all about some magical wonderful colored world.

That's a part of what I can do, but I hope it'll give you an idea !
Good to see so many talented composers in here, so many motivated people, it's wonderful ! :D

All the best for sure, and hope to speak soon.

Eldogond Game Music

Aug 19 2014 Anchor

Hi rbx775,

Just on time for short presentation!

Let me introduce myself, I'm Denis Delcroix an experienced French composer for media, arranger and music producer from Bordeaux, France. I have been trained in harmony and composition at the National Conservatoire of the Region of Bordeaux (France).
I compose "bespoke" orchestral and hybrid music for Film, TV, Video Games, Luxury, Events... Working with numerous companies to provide original music for Video Games, Film, TV…
You can listen some of my work My studio
Let me know, If you are interested to work with me for your projects. :-)
Best regards and thank you for your kind attention,Denis

Aug 20 2014 Anchor

Hey rbx775,

I really love the artwork presented for Cropling and I think the story is something that I would be very capable and interested in contributing to. You and the team have really built something special and I WILL be playing it. As far as my background, I've worked as a sound designer and music composer for two upcoming mobile games (I wrote about the experience on reddit) that will be released soon. I tend to write Ambient/Textural/Cinematic music the best, but I think with Zelda as an inspiration for your game, the sky is the limit musically; I'm willing to travel down any road with you. I've muted the audio to the Cropling trailer and played it with a few of my piano pieces and I think that overall, I can be a great aesthetic fit for your game. You can listen to my recent work on my composition page. Best of luck with the game and finding the right musician. I really look forward to playing it!

Aug 28 2014 Anchor

Hey guys,

First off: Thank you for your master level of patience.
I understand that this is also very frustrating (me answering ultra slow).

So here is a loveless and blunt update:
We are currently looking at: Pixelee, NeonInsect, Daquet and Exia in detail (again)

Those would be our finalists... Sry for making a bad bachelourette episode out of this. :)
I already contacted you regarding your rates, and will come back to you this weekend.

Also: I read every forum post and private message I receive !
To the new applicants: I'm looking forward to listen through your stuff too, this weekend ! :)
Maybe theres a new nobuo here somewhere. :p

Sep 1 2014 Anchor

Hey! I've just found and joined the forum. I've seen this and of course would be very interested to work with you on this project. I've made a track specifically to your brief here.

I'll send you a PM to with some further details.

Greetings to everyone else :)

Sep 2 2014 Anchor

Almost tooooo late for the party, I wont blather on and keep you reading for ages. here is my current soundcloud page, please take a listen I would love to get some feedback.


Sep 7 2014 Anchor

I saw the end of the internet.
I'll Just comment on the two peeps who made it into the voting progress subsequently !
(Eventhough its over and done now)
Forgive me, new composers !

Beautiful Forest Theme :)
So lively and with alot of alternation ! You were one of the reasons I had to update the poll ;p

Incredible quality and composing. 2nd reason I had to update the voting progress. :P
I love the pursuit and most of the other songs ! really a master of his art :)
(the melody from the pursuit reappears in other songs, if im not mistaken, but its always great)

I messaged alot with you guys (easily over 50 with emails and faceblergh).
And even more with my friends and people involved in the voting progress.
Alot of composers also asked rightfully why they didnt made it through the voting progress,
the thing is: The better the remaining composers get, the weaker do the arguments become to abandon the next one.
(I hope you get what I am saying, dunno if its clear... ) So I sometimes couldnt really argument why we chose to abandon a certain composer.
We had a hard time choosing and still are not 100% sure. But I think we'll never be, because you made it really hard !

But it has to end sometime of course, you guys already had alot of waiting time:
We predominantly chose Daquet, eventhough he seems to have less experience compared to most of you guys,
his demos got stuck in our heads.
We hope that these will be polished and find their way into Cropling and the kickstarter campaign eventually!

Applause for you guys and again: Thank you very much for all the nice comments about cropling and most of all your applications (and patience) !
I had a blast listening through your stuff ! :)

Best of luck,

Sep 7 2014 Anchor

Congratulations, Daquet :)

rbx775, I hope we can collaborate in the future - best of luck with the kickstarter!

Sep 8 2014 Anchor

Congratulation on choosing the ideal composer for the game! Best of luck composing!

It felt like entering American Idol lol

Anyways, happy composing and best of luck to Daquet and rbx775!

Sep 8 2014 Anchor

Congratulations to Daquet!

Can't wait to keep up with Cropling and see what becomes of it.
It was great getting into this and meeting a lot of new, and fantastic composers.

Hope to keep in touch with all of you! =)

Sep 16 2014 Anchor

To RBX 775

Thank you very much for your feedback ;-)

For this point, YES you're right, because is CUE's for film, so the main theme is there.
>(the melody from the pursuit reappears in other songs, if im not mistaken, but its always great)

Sep 18 2014 Anchor

I'll throw my hat in, Uematsu is my ultimate inspiration.

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