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Jan 4 2014 Anchor

I want to come up with one. But every time I think of one I want to rip off Metal Gear. But I can't! I want to make a complicated/original story with immersion and Sci-Fi Elements. It is part of my multi-genre project. I want to make a stealth mission. But I can't come up with one. I wanna think outside the box for it.
Seriously! Can someone help me? Make a story? Or just discard some things I may not need? You know like a complicated story or being peculiar.
But I also don't want to make it bland either like you know Tom Clancy stuff?

If any of you have a question about my project I will tell you in the comment section. I don't quite have a design document prepared.

What do you think I need to do make me confident enough to make a stealth level?

Am I over thinking this?

Jan 4 2014 Anchor

If you're having trouble coming up with something, maybe you should take a break, or try a different project. Start something simpler, maybe, and in your free time start thinking of different ideas.

Jan 4 2014 Anchor

Do something based on 24

Jan 4 2014 Anchor

myfayt wrote: Do something based on 24

24? Would actually probably be a good idea. I don't know about anything related to it, but thousands or even more love the series.

Jan 4 2014 Anchor

I have an idea I am working on for a Stealth/Survival Horror type game right now.

Jan 5 2014 Anchor

You know what? You have a good point. I could use a break. Maybe I should work on something different. If I wanted to make a stealth mission than I would keep it simple right?
I have always wanted to do other projects you know.

As long as it's more likable than that James Bond guy.

Really? What's it about?

Jan 9 2014 Anchor

you're interested in stealth and sci-fi? maybe i could help. i am an avid fan of Metal Gear Solid, but i also have very original designs. plus, i can be considered a know-it-all about modern warfare technology and tactics.
in case you still think about going forward with this, i could help you as a conceptual artist. as well as plot ideas.

if you want to run away a bit from metal gear solid, but the same kind of sneaking mission, i would sugest...

a chemical warfare threat instead of a nuclear one. imagine (since this is sci-fi) that in 2026 a terrorist group takes control of a bio-engineering lab in Venezuela and use it to create a disease 10x more dangerous than ebola, and threaten to shoot it into the US unless a massive ransom is paid?

-MGS never used chemical warfare. the only real thing they have are nuclear weapons and giant mechs. oh, and clones, too.
-no freaks in the story. only ordinary ppl. no immortal guys like Vamp, no sick bastards like volgin... nope.
-the main protagonist would actualy start with a gun, go in with a team of SEALS, but the shit hits the fan and only two survive, being taken prisoner. not much in common with Solid Snake - the way things are done is quite different.
-the enemies are NOT russians. just NO. i've had enough killing russians in 4 games in a row.

if you get to pull this out with decent cinematics and a playability and graphics near the Metal Gear Solid: Shadow Moses incident, it would most likely be successfull.

Jan 11 2014 Anchor

So basically just replacement? Awesome! Your suggestion sounds kinda like Spy Fiction. But cool anyway. I don't think I want to make the characters normal. Just complete assholes that resemble the worst militias and gangs that we have today. Today's games terrorists aren't scary enough. I never see them do things or even see things people hate. Why aren't they kicking puppies or hitting someone just cause they where having ice cream?

Maybe just regular people with in-depth back-stories. Too sentimental?

I guess I might go with the war threat plot line. After all, most MGS games get away with this kind of stuff. With the cinema and playability and graphics.

Jan 11 2014 Anchor

I know everything about 24, so let me know if you need to know more about it.

Jan 12 2014 Anchor

Would you like to PM about it?

Jan 13 2014 Anchor

you can also PM with me, if you need ideas. it would be my pleasure.

Jan 13 2014 Anchor

you could do a simple stealth game. Wait up with the advanced stuff - it is more important to get things done imo.
I've been too ambitious so many times and have learned that I need to scale to my abilities.

Jan 14 2014 Anchor


I agree, besides. My project is too cool already. Meaning it has a lot of stuff. I mean think about it. Have you ever played a stealth mission that is so epic that it makes the rest of the game look okay in comparison?

Jan 14 2014 Anchor

i have... its called Metal Gear Solid 3 and 4 :P

Jan 16 2014 Anchor

I didn't know that you were Hideo Kojima!

Jan 18 2014 Anchor

lolz ^^
just be carefull, KONAMI normally doesnt like rip-offs. thats why i'm just spitting out some ideas... last thing you want is to have them japs after you.

Jan 20 2014 Anchor

Eh, I will do what I can. I thought about an Idea using drones a modern day metal gear. But with less anthropomorphism. What I real meant by stealth epic stealth mission is a mini-game in a non-stealth game. I don't know many games action games that have a stealth level that was so crucial that it ousted every other part of the game which would consist of shooting or jumping or punching.

Jan 23 2014 Anchor

so you want a WAR GAME, that features STEALTH, and in fact ENCOURAGES IT, but that also allows you to go in front attacks and still have fun?

Jan 24 2014 Anchor

Something like that, not exactly a war game. More of a vengeance space gladiator game. Just a game that has so much variety that it has a stealth ops stage.

Feb 10 2014 Anchor

My original idea in my old thought brain is that a game that would be cool would be a game where you play a human who crash lands on a world of robots(could be a bit zany and cartoony or serious) and has to find an escape- but the stealth element would be instead of just sneaking through the robot towns and deserts etc. you would have to avoid been detected by using a holographic device that changes your appearance to certain robots in certain areas, not only would you have to sneak up to robots to directly "steal" their different physical images(with some kind of camera?) but after this you would have to mimic their movements and patterns(each set of robots having different patterns/mannerisms) to get past areas.
The game would be stealthy but be about trying to copy the walk speeds/patterns and actions or different robot types, failing to be on point would raise the attention of robots.

Feb 20 2014 Anchor

Awesome, sounds like that episode of futurama where they went to the robot planet where they were very anti human. It's cool!

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