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AmeriCanadianGamer Minor Junior Private Negative First Class
Nov 30 2012 Anchor

So I have been in the design phase of a Mod for a while now. Its a multiplayer FPS mod.

Recently I've come to the realization that it could easily be blown-off as a Halo rip-off for two main reasons.
1. It has a recharging "shield" mechanic. While it is more akin to recharging armor, it has roughly the same effect. Shield recharges, HP doesn't.
2. It has a 2-weapon system with the ability to dual-wield certain weapons.

I didn't plan for this, it just kind of happened as the design of the mod evolved. My design is much more fast-paced, with characters moving more similarly to UT than Halo. I also want to incorporate aim-down-sight mechanics, mainly because I really like the mechanic.

So my questions to you are...
1. Is this a big Halo rip-off (unintentional as it may be)
2. If so, is that a bad thing? The last Halo game to come to pc was Halo 2, and it was an awful port to say the least.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!
Thank you for your time!

Dec 1 2012 Anchor

For the very small about of detail you have provided about your mod, I would say for now you are safe. Plenty of games have a shield/armor system and duel wielding.

Dec 3 2012 Anchor

Nah, doesn't sound like Halo. There's not enough information to base such a claim on.

Halo uses a golden triangle, or atleast used to, not sure anymore, but it was Weapons - Melee - Grenades. AA might be in there somewhere now as well.

Only Halo CE and Halo: Reach featured visible HP as well, the others have HP but it's invisible and it does recharge, atleast I think it does.
Dual wielding has been scrapped, only Halo 2 and 3 had it, and it doesn't feature iron sights, you can only use the scope on scope weapons, there's plenty of them in Halo 4 though.

Rocket Launcher

Beam Rifle
Fuel Rod Gun

Light Rifle
Binary Rifle
Incendiary Cannon

Not sure about the last cannon, or if I missed something, but I think those are all, it's almost half of all the weapons.

AmeriCanadianGamer Minor Junior Private Negative First Class
Dec 3 2012 Anchor

The incendiary cannon does have a scope. To me my stuff doesn't sound like a rip-off ( I just gave you the info that resembled Halo). I guess the only other thing is you still pick up weapons from the battlefield, but that came more from me wanting a traditional system like UT but more weapons. I like how Half Life Deathmatch has a lot of weapons, but their interface is really bad, so I figured the two weapon system would work best. I always like to get second opinions since the way I look at stuff is usually different than how it looks from another's perspective


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Dec 4 2012 Anchor

As an avid Halo player, I'd say you're alright. As Thall33 said, many games have the same working concepts as the Halo franchise. For every way your mod and Halo is similar, strive to do something unique! As long as the experience feels and looks different (not necessarily in all ways), you're going to be fine. Best of luck!

Dec 4 2012 Anchor

Don't wory about copying a feature(s), worry about making it fun. :)

Halo wasn't original in it's design elements either. :)


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awesome2430 The General McBallsey
Dec 5 2012 Anchor

It just sounds like every decent shooter out there right now, just don't add story from halo, creatures, etc... and you should be fine.

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