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i need help with the "Eternal Damnation" mod (Forums : Tech Support : i need help with the "Eternal Damnation" mod) Locked
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Oct 27 2007, 7:48am Anchor

when i try to start playing eternal damnation this critical game error shows up

Failed to enter Entry: Can't find file for package 'MPfx'

History: UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine

can someone help me with that?

ambershee Nimbusfish Rawks
Oct 27 2007, 9:56am Anchor

Sounds like you're missing a package file. Have you a) got all the patches and megapack, and b) installed everything into the right directories?

Oct 27 2007, 12:31pm Anchor

a)idk what do you mean by saying"patches and megapack" b)i installed it to the postal 2 folder thats on my pc

Oct 27 2007, 12:34pm Anchor

He's slightly confused I believe. :P

But you'll need to install the newest patch.


ambershee Nimbusfish Rawks
Oct 28 2007, 8:15am Anchor

Ignore the megapack comment, but latest patches are always a must if you're missing something like a package file. You should search your machine for Mpfx as that's the file it can't find. Chances are it's in the wrong place and the game can't read it, otherwise you do indeed need a patch.

Oct 31 2007, 5:19am Anchor

thanks!! ill try to find the mpfx thing

Neurological Musician/Composer
Oct 31 2007, 8:33am Anchor

Hello, I'm from the Eternal Damnation Team, this problem may be caused by mystakes, try these steps:

1-Have you installed ED into the Postal2STP folder like X:/Program Files/Postal2STP/Eternal Damnation
if you not, install like this or the game will not read the package needed into your original P2 folder.

2- Have you Postal2, or Postal 2 Share The Pain? Share The Pain is needed, because of the multiplayer support, infact the package your missing is for multiplayer.

3-If the problem persist can be a corrupted download, try to download it again.

ANd make sure to have the latest patch for P2STP as said above.

Hope this can help, if you have any question, pls ask ;)

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Neurological - Music Entertainment

Nov 1 2007, 3:04pm Anchor

i dont have postal2 share the pain. where can i get it?

Neurological Musician/Composer
Nov 2 2007, 12:40pm Anchor

a thats the problem then. You can buy for 5 or 9 dollars can't remember now. Or just buy the Fudge Pack with all the postal games (mods and original games).

Well if you are looking only for STP is not easy now to find a copy, I suggest to look around on online shop, or just go here


Neurological - Music Entertainment

Nov 2 2007, 2:14pm Anchor

actually, if you have a credit card you can buy and download their expansion online at their official website.


::Supporting starving artists around the globe!::

Nov 6 2007, 1:56pm Anchor

thanks :D

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