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Oct 5 2013 Anchor

I am working on a new project and I need the communities feedback on the concept.

The Concept:

In short, I am putting together a game that deals with monsters and the occult. Very similar to the Castlevania series, but there is a twist. I am gearing it toward the Mega Man style of games where the player receives weapons or armor when they defeat a boss. Like Mega Man each boss will have a weakness to a certain obtainable weapon. The player can explore the castle anyway they want to beat it like Castlevania. Once all the armor pieces are collected, the player will have the necessary tools of mobility to reach the final part of the castle and defeat the final boss. Overall the art style is planned to look like Mega Man, but be characters designed in the fashion of Castlevania. So in short it would be Castlevania in a Mega Man styled setting.

I really want to know everyone's thoughts on a game like this, would it be enjoyable?

Please leave your comments and vote on it in the poll.

Oct 6 2013 Anchor

I dont know... I think a good model for this sort of game would be that phantom (2000 something) game taht came out a while back, that handleed the open-world sidescroller pretty well.

Oct 7 2013 Anchor

It might be worth redefining your game in more straightforward language. Having never played Castlevania or Mega Man, all I got from your description was "It's like (Game X ) in (Game Y)". (E.g. From what Ralok said, it's in 2D?) Not trolling, just trying to make you see it from another perspective.

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Oct 7 2013 Anchor

Ambivalent to the idea, disdainful of user calling it a concept. It's at best a poor pitch.

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Nov 2 2013 Anchor

This really isn't even developed enough to be an idea really. It's the starting point for one perhaps, try developing an idea based on those 2 thoughts you've shared and present what you find.

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Nov 27 2013 Anchor

This is an elevator pitch "It's Castlevania starring Megaman!" Needs more meat and fleshing out =)

Dec 3 2013 Anchor

if your going to do a fps game please take a look at the open source engine called Grit

The Grit Game Engine is a community project to build a free game engine
(and pipeline tool-chain) for implementing open world 3D games
While there are many open source game engines, ours is the only one that
is being optimized for open world games. We support large maps (e.g.
more than 30 square km, 50000 objects) with considerable diversity in
geometry and textures, because game objects and scenery consume
negligible memory / CPU resources when out of visual range. We also use
deferred shading, which is essential for rendering the abundance of
light sources that are needed in open world scenes.

  • Code is open source and MIT licensed.
  • Large open world maps, content streamed from disk.
  • Normal / specular / gloss maps
  • Heightmap-based texture blending
  • Deferred shading
  • Soft dynamic shadows
  • 24 hour time cycle with sun, moon, clouds
  • Stars at night with real constellations
  • Procedural placement of vegetation and clutter
  • General purpose 3D physics engine.
  • Game objects are extremely scriptable via Lua.
  • Planes & cars (implemented via game object scripting).
  • Developing/debugging scripts is easy thanks to an in-game Lua console.
  • Linux and Windows ports are available.

this engine will work for any type of game be it fps, rpg , mmo ect
if you want to know more or have questions ask on forum linked

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Dec 3 2013 Anchor

Looking interesting so far,but still need to improve.

Dec 4 2013 Anchor

If I understood well you idea, it's a castelvania but where you can pick up equipment from bosses? And theses equipment allow you to advance further in the castle?

You mean just like Castevania Aria of Sorrow on GBA? Where you can pick up equipment and skills on dead enemies and these skills aloow you to go further in the castle? :D

And also yes, need more development ^^

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