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Aug 21 2013 Anchor

I do a lot of ENB modding for games that usually would not get ANY mods , and are also not games that are listed

I have several ENB mods i would like to list that I am not sure how to list, Nore do I understand how to list a game on the creators behalf

All of these mods are posted in threads on the ENB series forums Located here (under the name CaptainSkullsaber)

I'm ready to make all the proper headers and what not, but the fact I do ENB mods for games no one else has really modded kind of stops me in my tracks

any help would be appriciated

TKAzA Community Manager
Aug 22 2013 Anchor

They could be placed Here

If you have permission to share the mods on this site :)

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Aug 22 2013 Anchor

Thanks, I just sent a letter to double check permission. Once I get a reply saying it is indeed ok , I will begin putting them up!

Aug 22 2013 Anchor

Actually you also have to add games themselves. You have to link downloads to related game/mod/group pages here.

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