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Apr 8 2014 Anchor

I have been looking for a good DX11 tutorial for a while now as i would like test making a engine with it. i currently understand most of OpenGL and i understand C++ to a intermediate level.

In my searches i find a lot to do with DX9 but nothing hire. i found a book on the subject but the source code was very different from that in the tutorial , and the tutorial was unclear.

any help would be appreciated

May 15 2014 Anchor

I would suggest to get a nice book where you can understand the core concepts of 3D rendering, which can then be applied to any library or framework.
I went through this book and it helped me a lot.

I would suggest to find a similar book that provides the examples in DirectX instead of OpenGL.

Having said that, I think that you should reconsider whether you should learn or not DirectX. Nowadays there are so many great engines that do the job surprisingly well, that I would have a very hard time recommending anyone writing its own engine. Are there any particular reasons why you really need to learn directX? Perhaps it is more interesting to learn how to code for a nice engine, and then learn shaders programming for instance.
My 2 cents.

May 15 2014 Anchor

There are samples and documentation which come with the DirectX sdk. has some good examples for basic implementation of DX (but may be a bit outdated)

May 20 2014 Anchor

Someone wrote: Are there any particular reasons why you really need to learn directX?

im looking to become a engine programmer.

also thank you both for the suggestions

Jul 6 2014 Anchor

The internet provides also good sources to learn DirectX 11.

In this tutorials you learn the basics of DirectX 11. These basics can help you to develop an engine.

Jul 7 2014 Anchor


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