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CountBuffalo Buffalo Reviews
Apr 18 2011 Anchor

Ok, in this guide i am going to show you how to install maps and mods on
battlefront 2, once i didn't know this myself, and the stuff on the
internet is confusing, anyways, both mods and maps install the same
(most of the time)

to install a mod/mod, you might already have
some sites to look at, but if not look at Mod DB and star wars
battlefront on filefront, once you have downloaded a map/mod, find it in
your downloads section and open it, it may be a zip, 7-zip or and RAR
file, 7-zip file manager is handy to use on 7-zip or RAR files, its free
and easy to use, so,using whatever you have for opening files,open the
file, inside there will be the data and a readme,the data will be in a
non-zipped file. Next, Extract (move) the file either by dragging it
into the battlefront 2 addon directory (which for windows xp is in local
disk (c:)-program files-lucasarts-starwars battlefront
II-gamedata-addon) in 7-zip Manager extract is a - symbol with the words
(belive it or not) Extract below, use the location (see
bracketed part above) and click okay, now all you have to do it sit back
and wait, depending on the size of the mod it will take either a long
or short period of time, once it is finished, go on to battlefront 2 and
it should (if its a map) be in the instant action menu, mods you will
have to go on the mod era/map.

additional comments - somtimes a mod will come with an installer, sometimes a map will (E.G Geonosis- Landing at point rain)

Thank you for reading this, i hope it helps you and any criticism you have to tell me please place in a comment below :)

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