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Jul 29 2013 Anchor

What is the best method to acquire sounds for game development? Also, if something like 99 designs for sound existed, do you think it would be a good way to have custom songs and sounds created for you?

Jul 29 2013 Anchor

ask someone on the forums to do it for free :P
everyone wins

Jul 30 2013 Anchor

just posted a blog about it.

Jul 30 2013 Anchor

I agree^^ If you can afford someone, hire someone to do the sfx. If not then find someone starting out thats willing to help you in order to build his or her portfolio.

There are so many composers and sound designers on these forums and other ones I would be surprised if you can't find a good person.


Jul 30 2013 Anchor

Many a games and movies have used sound libraries for decades. Unique ones are custom made a lot of the times, but don't be surprised to hear sounds that were in Doom in games that come out this decade. :)


Go play some Quake 2:
It's like Source v0.9, only... better!
Play Paintball for Doom 3!:
Doom 3 Paintball to the Max!

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