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Jul 4 2013 Anchor

hello guys, i am fascinated with PokeGen game, is amazing, very good job.
I wondered how can i do cel-shaded games like PokeGen, might you tell me which engine used for this game (PokeGen) or what are the most desirable to achieve a similar style, if you know were can i find a tutorial for this, I'll be very grateful.
Thanks to all.

Jul 16 2013 Anchor

You can see the engine used listed in the box on the right. They use Unity. But choosing the engine is different from choosing the art style as it is often achieved with certain shaders and kinds of textures.

Hold your horses with starting game development just because you like something. Game development requires a huge set of skills and lots and lots of time. You might want to look into learning Unity as it is one of the easiest game engines available. You still need to make the models and textures with some other software. Look into vast amount of different options around internet.

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Jul 22 2013 Anchor

There are two ways to do the Cel Shading, either through materials/textures or through a post processing effect. Or actually through a combination, I guess...

There are certain material shaders (with edge detect material effect) that draw a black outline around every model. This can be subtle of ery obvious, depending on the shader settings. Unity will do fine, but so will UDK. I've seen example in both engines.

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Jul 27 2013 Anchor
a chinese forum provided. actually say it's a modifier rather than a developer, but you still can make use of it in your favourite PokeGen style. what? know nothing about chinese? contact me or learn it yourself. after all, i learnt Enlish myself and i'm here now.

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Cryrid 3D Artist
Jul 27 2013 Anchor

As long as you're using an engine that lets to create your own materials / use custom shaders, then you can create a cell shaded game. Unity for an example has an abundance of toonshaders that you can easily download and use

Aug 10 2013 Anchor If your using unity this can be a helpful tutorial I've played with it a bit and it works well!

Sep 6 2013 Anchor

Before answering this question you need to pick a Game Engine to work in, then you can go and get that Cell Shading.

Here is some videos showing different Cel Shading in Unity and UDK which I could recommend working in. Preferably Unity if you ask me!

If you don't want to sit down and make the shader yourself I'm sure you can find both free to download assets and Cel Shaders to buy in the Unity Asset Store.


Sep 6 2013 Anchor

Sjonsson stop answering several months old topics that have been answered already and/or completely abandoned by OP in the first place.

Sep 9 2013 Anchor

Oh, alright, I'll keep an extra eye out for that date and the relevance of a post. Thanks for mentioning.

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