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Jun 27 2013 Anchor

I currently play games on PS3 but the lack of decent horror games (They are my favorite) is irritating so I'm going back to PC soon because my mouth keeps watering at the much better variety of horror games there seem to be. Been writing up a wishlist of games, came across this site while on my search and have seen some really great indie horror games. Here is my list so far would love to hear if there are any other horrors you think I should add.

Memory of a Broken Dimension
Cry of Fear
White day: A labyrinth named school
Slender- the arrival
Amnesia: A machine for pigs (did play the first one, did nearly shit myself)
The Evil Within
Dread out

Obviously I won't be able to get all of these because most of them aren't released yet but would like suggestions on which I should put as top priority and any others I may be seriously missing out on.
Thanks, Rema :)

Jun 27 2013 Anchor

Amnesia AMFP is working with The Chinese Room (Dear Esther). Those guys know how to tell a story, thats on the top of my list.

Jun 27 2013 Anchor

Play The Last Of Us on PS3, what are you thinking : D

Jun 27 2013 Anchor

Yeah that's the one I'm really looking forward to as well does look great. Just wondering whether it will ever be released!
I have ordered The Last of Us no one will stop telling me how good it is! so annoying, I want it already. It's not really a horror though is it?

Jun 27 2013 Anchor

Nightmare : Among Shadows :P

Jun 28 2013 Anchor

Thanks, just looked at the YouTube trailer. Looks promising but also looks like it is in early development. Loved the end bit with the mental hospital chair :p

Jun 28 2013 Anchor

SCP Containment Breach

I'm not much of a horror game buff.

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Jun 28 2013 Anchor

Doregath wrote: Thanks, just looked at the YouTube trailer. Looks promising but also looks like it is in early development. Loved the end bit with the mental hospital chair :p

Later this year I am the lead developer

Jun 28 2013 Anchor

Haha that's PewDiePie he's cool. Haven't watched this video looks freaky though. That's cool good luck with that :)

Jul 3 2013 Anchor

The evil within looks amazing. You I am worried it will be to generic though, i want something diffrerent to your regular survival horror.

Forget the *you* There..

Kyou. Mornin.
Jul 3 2013 Anchor

Oct 21 2013 Anchor

I honestly don't find any games "scary" never really did always loved and played them even as a little youngin. I however would like the PC version of Clock Tower to make it over here stateside on Steam , GOG , Desura and etc.

Oct 26 2013 Anchor

I'm looking forward to an indie horror game called Montas. It has a steam greenlight page, check it out.

Oct 28 2013 Anchor

My favorite one is Halloween Horror ..This is one of the best best horror game I have ever seen on the web....:)

Nov 26 2013 Anchor

Has anyone tried Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs? Whats your opinions on it? I've been looking forward to playing it, but some of my friends said it's totally STRANGE so I kinda hesitate to buy it.

Nov 26 2013 Anchor

AAMFP was very linear. There is always just one way, all other doors you come across are just closed and will stay that way.
It still scared me, but if you want another Amnesia, this isn't it.

Frictional are working on another game though, that looks interesting.

Nov 27 2013 Anchor

Im working on a new horror game called Nightmares of despair atm its waiting approval but will soon be up check it out :)

Mar 3 2014 Anchor

The Forest which is currently on Steam Greenlight, you should give it a quick look because it looks amazing

Apr 9 2014 Anchor

Totally agree with Frostbitell - The Forest looks amazing. Only question really is am I brave enough to play it?

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