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AdrianL1996 Source Mod Developer
Jan 22 2012 Anchor

As a level designer, you would be constructing, detailing, polishing, designing, and completing full sections of the Half-Life 2: Retaliation campaign. You will be given designs by administrators of the mod, and you would be placed in a certain department(based on chapter) and you will need to be able to follow instructions and complete tasks given to you by the department leader to the best of your ability.

As far as the theme of what you'll be mapping, it ranges based on your skill. People with indoor experience will build urban, indoor maps. People skilled in horror or outdoors will be placed in departments with outdoor areas or in a chapter involving horror.

Some requirements for the position are:

- Must be proficiently skilled in the Source SDK
- Must be dedicated to the project
- Must make an effort to make deadlines
- Must regularly provide status updates to your department leader

Full recognition, credit, and recommendations will be given to you for your work, and you will be added to the official Half-Life 2: Retaliation development team page on our website.

To Apply

If you would like to apply for the job, please send an email to with your contact information, Steam URL or Steam ID name(so that I may add you and interview you) and pictures/your portfolio of your level design and if you've worked on Source engine modifications before.

StackedBoxes Pancakes are not meant for breakfast.
Apr 10 2012 Anchor

Anywhere we could view some content, or a game design document? :thumbup:


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AdrianL1996 Source Mod Developer
Apr 10 2012 Anchor

Sorry, the project is discontinued.


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TioArab23Reborn Im back bitches!
Jul 18 2012 Anchor

What was the game storyline? If you put a little more effort, youll be able to do it :)


Mod DB - Game Mapper

Jul 30 2012 Anchor

boo what happend why was the project discontinued?

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