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Jan 20 2013 Anchor

So before I start I want to post up a little about what I do. I make costumes using Pepakura (a form of papercrafting by using 3D models), and so far I've been unlucky trying to find someone to model a particular suit of armor for me. When I go to a convention with a costume, at the end of the convention I donate my costume to the convention charity auction for them to raise funds for a cause. That's going to be the same plan with this suit for a convention I plan to attend in 4 months.

The armor I would like to have modelled is the Forward Unto Dawn Master Chief armor. I do have a few photos I took of the figurine from Halo Legends "The Package" but I'm stuck trying to find someone to model just the armor for me. The helmet and undersuit would be the only two parts that would not need to be modelled, and I would only need one of each section (since I can just flip it in my software to make the other side). So only 1 Forearm, 1 Bicep, 1 Thigh, 1 Shin, etc. would need to be done. All the parts could be modelled in a low detail form, and I can provide a few 3D Models to the modeller that could be used as a base or example.

If anyone is interested in helping me with this charity project you can reach me at if you would like to see some of my past works done using this method . Sorry for the long post. I will also send reference photos via e-mail.

Still looking for someone.

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