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Aug 29 2012 Anchor

I have been having alot of trouble with hands. I keep trying and they turning out horribly. If I model it separately, connecting it to the arm makes it look even worse. Any advice would be appreciated.

Aug 29 2012 Anchor

Have you taken drawing lessons? Understanding the 2d form helps out a lot when you go into 3d.

Did this quite a long time ago, but the basic form is there.Older Work.

Cryrid 3D Artist
Aug 29 2012 Anchor

What do your current results look like ? What tools do you have ?

It might help to block the shape out with cylinders and cubes.

Aug 30 2012 Anchor

How detailed model do you need? What program are you using?
I usually start from reference image and add 5-sided cylinder as a middle finger (for low-poly hand). Then cut it so that each joint will have 2 loops. Then adjust vertices until the shape is OK.
Then copy-paste the shape to other fingers and adjust shape/size/positionModel thumb separately using also 5-sided cylinder (but only 2 bones)Then add a cylinder as wrist - having the same number of sides are your forearms.Then you model the palm - hard to explain in writing, but experiment :D
A high-quality free hand reference is for example:

Aug 30 2012 Anchor

Thanks. I was using cubes either subdevided or cut, extruded from the hand. Will try the cyclinder method. I will also grab some renders when I'm next modeling.

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