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SpUz Sp/\Z
Apr 15 2011 Anchor

Hi all.
I had this idea for some more time, and i think it's pretty good. A thirdperson deathmatch mod for Half Life, but unlike others. The cool thing about this mod would be customizable characters. First you chose male/female, then buy clothes with points.
You will make a small register (Login, Nickname , Password, Confirm Password) , after that login, and then get on the battlefield.

You will have 7 weapon categories, for each category, one weapon.

1) Melee : Knife , Crowbar, Wrench (has charge attack) > You will have one weapon out of these, same with all categories bellow.
2) Rifle : SMG , and i will think of more.
3) Shoot Gun : Spas 12 , CS Pump Shoot Gun , and one more i will think of later
4) Snipers: Crossbow, Scout (Probably) , AWP (Better zoom)
5) Heavy Guns : I don't know here
6) Rocket Launchers : TFC Rocket Launcher, HL2 RPG (You can control the rocket) , And one else
7) Special Weapons : Hornet , Egon , Gauss

Not all the maps will be HL themed. There will be maps like : Bridge, City , City17 , Black Mesa, etc.

There will be Madness Points. With it you can buy weapons and clothes. You get them by playing
You will also level up, by winning experience. Max level will probably be 30

Maybe will come true, after i learn to texture better.
What do you guys think of this idea ?

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Nightshade Technical Artist
Apr 15 2011 Anchor

I think you need a better and more unique idea than that. And why make it for GoldSource? That engine has roots that goes back at least 15 years in history.


Technical Artist @ King - an Activision Blizzard division
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May 30 2011 Anchor

This could be great. But if your going to make a Half-Life themed mod, make it in Source. Also add more varied weapons and a story behind it. Maybe if you choose not to have Source try going with destructible buildings and such. It would be fun. Try Unity as well.

SlayerCK2 This sentence is false
Jun 2 2011 Anchor

I would love to map a bit for a mod like this. But only if you move it to source.


If you don't succed try again if you don't try again you will be hit in the face with a shovel.

SpUz Sp/\Z
Jun 2 2011 Anchor

Maybe if I buy Orange Box i will move it to source

Jun 2 2011 Anchor

Heh its been such a long time since i mapped in hammer (like 2 years or so) but yeah i would love to make some maps :)
but i was mapping for 1.6, dont know much about mapping on source though...

and i dont even have source SDK :(

but Valve hammer 3.5 (for HL1) should be laying around somewhere :D

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Think It. Sketch It. Create It. Repeat. 
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Jun 2 2011 Anchor

So what would be the point of a leveling system? To me this really doesn't sound "unlike others". It's just the standard "earn points, buy equipment" model. As long as the clothing doesn't affect gameplay it would be pointless, too, besides having customizable looks, which I personally don't care about at all.

SpUz Sp/\Z
Jun 3 2011 Anchor

If this mod will ever exist, of course, the items will give you extra health or increase run speed, etc. You unlock clothes and weapons in shop when you reach a level. (ex: When you reach lvl5 you can buy better weapons)

Jun 4 2011 Anchor

But then wouldn't the game become completely unbalanced?

SpUz Sp/\Z
Jun 5 2011 Anchor

I don't think so.
For example, if you buy an armor, the run speed will be decreased (you will move very slow) but the health would be a little bigger. If you get light clothes, health will be decreased but you will be really fast.

I think there should be Beginner servers, Normal servers and Elite servers

Jun 5 2011 Anchor

If everything is a "subgrade" instead of an upgrade then why do you need to level to unlock things? Why not make it so you only pay for items your using and each time you level up you get more madness points to spend?

SpUz Sp/\Z
Jun 9 2011 Anchor

hmm yeah you are right. Only weapons should be unlocked by level.
Anyways, i am not going to buy orange box so soon, but I would love if anyone would do this, crediting me for original idea :)
It should be called Source: Madness :D

Jun 10 2011 Anchor

I would love too, but multiplayer mods aren't my thing.

TheUnabridgedGamer It's been a long time...
Jun 18 2011 Anchor

Niteshade wrote: I think you need a better and more unique idea than that. And why make it for GoldSource? That engine has roots that goes back at least 15 years in history.

Aye, HL2 might bet a better idea.

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