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Sep 26 2013 Anchor


I have made some smaller arcade games, and modified (total conversion) some 3d shooters before.

Now I am very keen to make a 2D construction/management game. Where you construct somewhere that people are going to use, and you manage the construction too. Similar to Theme Hospital, or Roller Coaster Tycoon or Prison Architect. It doesn't have to be as advanced as them, but along those lines I want to make.

I am very good with 2D design, and have done basic programming/modifying code for other games. I can do 3D modeling but don't want to for this game.

What is the best engine I could go for? Not too complex.

I don't think I can make a game like this quickly with GameSalad, I think this one I will need to code.

Any help / guidance apprecaited guys and girls. Thanks.


Sep 27 2013 Anchor

Aren't there 2D tools planned for the next version of Unity?
Besides that Unity is about as simple as it gets while still having all the options to do whatever you want.


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Sep 27 2013 Anchor

I wouldn't suggest unity (for the moment) because it's a 3d engine. Not optimized at all to make 2d stuff.
I do not have any particular engine to suggest but I would into something compatible with Tiled ( because it's great.
And yes, you will need to code, it's a very complex game type to make

Sep 28 2013 Anchor

I have found some Unity RTS engines, and decided I may a well use my 3D modeling & Skinning skills. The engine comes with construction type code, HUD code, path finding code, and some AI code. So should be a good starting point.

I have thought about changing the idea of the game to something like a Seaport or Power Station tycoon game. So having path finding would make the game great. And using this RTS Engine will hopefully mean I can spend most my time concentrating on coding AI.

This is the engine supplement for Unity

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