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Mar 16 2007, 10:23pm Anchor

So I was sitting here playin' a little grand theft auto san andreas and I thought, a zombie mod for gta sa would be sick. Have it start out with like one NPC as a zombie and when it gets in range of other NPCs have it attack them and turn them into one. Be kinda cool to watch it spread through the city and see how long you can survive before being overran. Only thing I see being a problem is the NPCs spawn according to where you are. So when you move the npc would dissapear, right? Maybe just have all the NPCs be zombies.

HaloStrike Iron Sight maniac
Mar 16 2007, 11:04pm Anchor

Yeha theres one for vice city. They should really make one for SA. The forest place would be a blast for killing zombies!


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stringed_Evil I don't find them attractive, it's just confusing.
Mar 17 2007, 12:35am Anchor

agreed, i'd love to see that.



Mar 17 2007, 12:40am Anchor


SinKing bumps me thread
Mar 17 2007, 1:43am Anchor

Or this could be a game like Ghostbusters. You take your zombie-hunting van to mission locations and have to kill all zombies or find an objective (by killing all zombies :-). This way you could play on a graveyard, at a harbor, on the bridge...
You could have some NPC as fellow hunters and take off together with them. Could really work out to be quite a deep game. I always wondered why so few people mod the GTA series successfully. Is it so hard to mod, or doesn't Rockstar get the SDK out in time? This seems like a good mod idea to me, too.


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zyphon_the_wolf I ate you family...guess who's for desert
Mar 17 2007, 8:58am Anchor

They should add a co-op option for that, so that your friend could play as either a zombie or hunter. Then, if your friend was a zombie, then he/she would lead their zombie brethren to you to eat!


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im innacting my right to self-defense...cause i need to defend myself from the crap you are spewing!

Jiffy_No0b wrote:
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Suduki Sir
Mar 17 2007, 9:16am Anchor

Then its not co-op... Then its just multiplayer. Co-op is singleplayer mission with a friend, not against.


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JoeX111 Tilting at windmills
Mar 17 2007, 12:58pm Anchor

As long as the mod doesn't play like Long Night did, I'll be happy.

Edit: Man, that review of mine is kinda crappy. :S

Edited by: JoeX111

Mar 17 2007, 2:49pm Anchor

I thought it'd be cool to just use SAMP to play it online, I'd only want to play with like 2 or 3 people because when you play gta online with like 50+ people it runs like shit @_@

Arxae Resident Stepmania Freak :D
Mar 17 2007, 3:25pm Anchor

id like to see a mod like this
especialy the part with 1 zombie npc infecting the town (altough i dont think it would be possible in SA)
just make a goddamn zombie mod for sa :p



Mar 18 2007, 2:12pm Anchor

yea I don't think it'd be possible for one npc to infect the entire town, but it would be really cool :P

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