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Apr 11 2017 Anchor

Hey there, I'm a game developer from Brazil and I'm making a game with my friend from college. Rogue Seas is a low poly shooter where you control a vessel on a quest to find the evil pirate crew that attacked your village. As you progress you’ll find sea monsters, loot-seeking pirates, forgotten relics, other villages, treasure and much more.

Here’s what you can do in Rogue Seas:

-Fight other pirates and monsters in a fast-paced combat system where your success is based on your skill.

-Find better weapons, hulls, sails and upgrade your ship in order to be prepared for whatever troubles you find in your journey.

-Manage your crew, find them better equipment and level them up to unlock new perks. Each crew member has an occupation that helps somehow.

-Explore tribal islands and fight wild animals to find treasures.

-Discover towns in a randomly generated world. Help their citizens, hire new crew members, shop, listen to rumors and make much needed repairs.

-Upgrade your hometown with permanent upgrades as you progress through your adventures.

-Uncover secrets buried long ago and forgotten by the passing of ages.

Brave the challenges to build yourself a reputation that will echo throughout the seas!

Greenlight link:

Teaser on youtube:

Rogue Seas Windows game

Don’t forget to click the “Yes” button if you liked it, and if you REALLY liked it you can help us by promoting the campaign, that would help us a lot!

See you, Cassio.

Apr 17 2017 Anchor

Looks sweet! Hope it has some depth and longevity, as is implied by the hometown upgrading? The gameplay looks good enough (from the video) if it will be carried by a little strategic depth and solid structure. Good luck man!

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