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Jun 26 2013 Anchor

Hello everyone,
I work for an indie studio named Nine Dots and we've been working on a space combat sim named God Factory: Wingmen for a year now.

Our game was covered by indieDB in the past:

Here's what's the game is all about:
- God Factory: Wingmen is a space combat sim with a MOBA structure.
- The game's structure is 4 vs 4 PvP action in which positioning, ability use and teamplay are prime.
- You can customize your ships' 10-13 parts to have your own very unique creation !
- Your ships have large pool of HP to avoid "death & respawn" pattern, so healing is scarce and your health is as much impoportant to manage than your Ammo.
- Each player bring 2 ships to the fight so you can switch between the 2 of them in your Carrier Ship.
- The objective of the game is to take down the enemy carrier ship by destroying specific ship parts. Each part is worth 1 structure point and taking down 6 structure points make your team win the game.
- A deep progression system ensures you obtain ship parts progressively and gain pilot skills.
- No pay to win !!!

We're on Kickstarter right now (please support us or share it on Facebook :D):

Here's our game's trailer:
Here's our Wiki:

And here are some screenshots of the game... enjoy ;)

User Posted Image
User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted Image
User Posted ImageUser Posted Image
User Posted Image

Very good news !!!
We just released a build for anyone to try out the game FOR ONE MONTH :D
Just follow this link to download the game :
The game being multiplayer-based (4 vs 4), we strongly suggest you to download it with a couple of your friends and play in small groups to enjoy it better !!!Have fun !!!

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Jul 5 2013 Anchor

Wow!That is VERY BEAUTIFUL!Good luck! 8)


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Jul 8 2013 Anchor

Hehe, Thx
If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask !
I'll wander around to answer them :)

Hey guys, the game being much more developed, we decided to go for a second Kickstarter!
This time, EVERYONE can try out the game !!!

Here's the links:




Some awesome screenshots showing you more about the game ;)User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted Image

Playing matches during evening has really become a lot fun !!!

Join us:

We recently were reviewed by Jesse Cox in his show, The Greenlight !!!
(Yes our game is on Steam Greenlight, please go vote for us) ;)

Here's the Link:


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Oct 16 2013 Anchor

Last push for our Kickstarter campaign !
45 hours remaining !
Talk about us, share us on Facebook, try the game, stream matches on, etc.

We're all over the place for the next 2 days !!!
Join the fun !!!

Oct 17 2013 Anchor

We're in the middle of a Twitch Marathon !

We'll be playing non-stop for the next 15 hours !!!

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