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Sep 9 2013 Anchor

I like Doom, I've thought of modding it many times. Nothing on the level of the awesome Brutal Doom, but little changes here and there. Different weapons, reskined hud, that kind of thing.

I've modded and mapped for games before. Mostly source engine games. The problem with Doom is where to start, or more specifically what tools to use.

I'm on Windows and use Zandronum/Zdoom as my engine of choice, and I'm not to fussed about having my mods be compatible with this or that engine. Even so, there are dozens of tools and utilities for every job and knowing which ones to get is a problem. I've read that Doombuilder 2 is THE tool for mapping in Doom, but aside from that, where do I start?

Just to be clear, outside of Doom, I have that down. I use gimp for most of my graphics editing and I audacity for basic audio hyjinks. My problem is getting graphics out of doom (for editing and format) and putting them back in. Messing with weapon stats would also be nice.

Once I have the basic tools, I should (hopefully) be able to figure out the rest or find whatever tutorials and documentation I need on my own. Just with page after page of utilities and tools, it's hard to know where to start.


Sep 9 2013 Anchor

Mostly general topics you should still look over:

more ZDoom-y pages

And of course a specialized forum for it: <-is a start

Sep 9 2013 Anchor

Yes, I've read them, that's the point. Let's look at texture editing for a moment. Let's say I wanted to replace the doom mini gun with a sten gun. Do I need Slade, winTex, Decorate, ACC, DeHackEd, all of the above, or are some more modern versions of the others? are some multi purpose, and those are just off the top of my head.

That's kind of where I'm at. I can find tutorials and the like easy enough, but they all use different software and tools, and are for various engines, some focusing on maintaining compatibility, some use engine specific features.

Simply put, when your tools and utilities page looks like this
Things can get a bit confusing.

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Sep 9 2013 Anchor

Why don't you ask over at Doomworld or Zdoom Forums?If you don't belong,you can always join.Maybe they can help? :)


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Sep 10 2013 Anchor

Go ask the zDoom forum, it's a specialized and much more active community than [BLANK]db.

Sep 10 2013 Anchor

somonels wrote: Go ask the zDoom forum, it's a specialized and much more active community than [BLANK]db.

Blankdb is my favourite. Though it needs more content. :P

I've been messing around with SLADE so far, seems to be enough. If I learn that it's outdated or rubbish later, I guess that's the way it goes, but yeah, it looks like Zdoom forums is going to be the way to go.


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