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Feb 17 2009 Anchor

MOD NAME: Northern Ireland: Crysis
Work In Progress


Northern Ireland, the closing months of 1983 - The height of the Troubles, and the IRA's activity. You take the role of 29 year old Sgt. John Casey, a member of the British SBS. On a regular tour of duty, information is slowly discovered - that of a deadly plot that could kill thousands, on a scale that has never been seen before. Can you stop the plot in time, and neutralise the threat?

Main points:

  • Different angles to approach an objective - does the player go for stealth option, go in guns blazing, or do they snipe from a-far? You could take many angles to get into a town over the fields, for example, or different routes to get to the objective.
  • NPC interaction - an important aspect of games and mods, that sometimes feels somewhat lacking. Interaction with the NPC's, mainly the Player's squad, is going to be central, mainly as it immerses the player more into the storyline.
  • Squad interaction/dynamics - the player's interaction with the squad, is one of the most important features, the conversations, and personalities of the team being central to immersing the player into the era, and gameplay.
  • Realism - We are attempting to make this as realistic as possible, with the damage done to an NPC with a specific weapon, the weapon itself, the vehicles, the NPCs, the reaction from NPCs in regards to what you do, and how you act in certain areas.
  • Large, complex Areas - We hope to implement large swathes of farmland similar to that of County Armagh, along with that of a metropolis - London, Londonderry, Belfast are just some of the areas that are in mind in the current plot.

The rest of the info, you'll find on our ModDB/Crymod/Forums.

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Feb 18 2009 Anchor

MOD NAME: Solitude

SECTION: Work In Progress,

GAME: Quake

RELEVANT URL: www . halosolitude .com


INFO: Solitude is a Single player and Multiplayer based in the Halo universe. You play as a spartan, that is MIA. The singleplayer story is during the time period before they found the first Halo ring to after Mastercheif destroy it. Multiplayer will have a wide selection of modes some including some new ones. with up to four spartans per team in cleverly design maps, you will never be alone with our intelligent bots !

We are using a very heavily modified quake engine named Solitude-Z, as its based on the Quake-Z source code. New features such as drivable vehicles, custom UI, our weapon inventory that allows players to only hold two weapons that they can swap around and two different grenade types, detailed textures, even half life map support that allows us to use a 256 colour pallet for each texture instead of the quake 256 colors for the whole game. The game is standalone which means players will beable to enjoy solitude on there computers and playstation portable on the 31st of march.


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