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May 14 2014 Anchor

I agree with Machine for Pigs but only partially. Many fragments of this game are really scarred.
From my side:
- The Void (or tension) - shitty gamepay and terrible controls
- Homefront - crap
- Terminator Salvation - crap
- Spore
- ...and few others I just want not to remember :)

odilasa ...processing...
May 14 2014 Anchor

RAGE (opinion excluded for legal reasons) [LOL]


Fractals, fractals, everywhere; on the ground and in the air.

May 15 2014 Anchor

X:Rebirth. man, the design choices of this game were so bad i thought they were trolling at some point.
What were they thinking? ''hey, i think our general audience will be mostly 7 year olds so let's add as much retarded unneccesary minigames to the game as possible!''
also, i've never felt so limited and held back in a world so open...

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Jun 29 2014 Anchor
  • Diehard Dungeon
  • Legend of Grimrock
  • Legend of Dungeon
  • Patrician III
  • Quest of Dungeons
  • RISK Factions
  • Rome: Total War
Jul 1 2014 Anchor
  • Necrovision - Some really dumb FPS with paranormal elements. I am not terribly upset that I got it, just that there were so many things wrong with it.
  • Aliens vs Predator(2010) - Jesus Christ. I couldn't even play this game when it first came out. I pre-ordered the game and when I got it, it would crash several times. When I finally got the game working, it just felt repetitive and unfinished.
  • Deponia - I was looking for a new and bizarre point-and-click game. I really enjoy point-and-click games and some of the modern ones like Sam and Max really hit home. But this was just weird and unfulfilling. The puzzles could be ridiculous and frustrating and the characters are completely unlikable and unrelatable.
  • Dungeon Defenders - This was actually a fun game. I regret buying this because my friends who played it stopped playing almost immediately after I got it.
  • Magicka - Same as Dungeon Defenders. However, there were some aspects of the game I found just plain annoying, like the plot and characters
TheUnabridgedGamer It's been a long time...
Jul 1 2014 Anchor

Blood of the Werewolf -- Cheaply designed, lazily balanced, unpolished hash.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown -- Damn near broken on my PC, and far from the epic "strategy' game I was expecting. Here's hoping Xenonauts can do better.

Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack -- I can't get past the second level because of how shoddy a port this is. The controls simply won't respond.

Batman Arkham Origins: Cold Cold Heart -- It can go to cold cold hell.

Deadlight -- Arguably intriguing premise brought down by clear lack of quality assurance, testing, and some of the worst writing I can ever think of.

Imagine Me -- ...who charges $9.99 for a game that is so far from unfinished after several years of development, that it feels like a proof of concept demo? Never should have gone to Early Access this early.

Iron Brigade -- Just wasn't that great, sadly.

InMomentum -- Same as Iron Brigade, a sad disappointment.

Toy Soldiers -- Again, good idea, but lacked the ability to hook me, so it's just money wasted for the most part.

MiNTO Dark Spirits
Jul 10 2014 Anchor

There has only been two games I've really truly regretted buying, Devastation and Far Cry 2... both of them looked so good and has interesting ideas but where poorly executed or in the case of Devastation, were completely and utterly broken.


Jul 11 2014 Anchor

@Minto: Agreed on FC2, I think it had pretty good gameplay in terms of shooting and driving, but the world and story just wasn't enough to keep me in the game more than a few hours. And of course, while it's been said many times by many people, the whole malaria thing was just ridiculous.

I've been playing Far Cry 3 lately, and I'm actually liking it a lot. It fixes the biggest flaw(IMO) of its predecessor, as it has an actual story and decent characters. Not the best or anything, but it's enough to keep me interested and keep me playing.

Jul 16 2014 Anchor

- Kairo (One of the most boring games ever made in my opinion)
- Gone home (I don't like to use the word "overrated". Frankly, I kinda dislike that, but that's the perfect way to describe that lame game)
- Real Horror Stories Ultimate Edition (A newground flashgame you actually have to pay for... I got it as a gift though luckily)
- Dream (A bit better than Kairo but still a rather boring game)
- Machine for pigs (I agree it wasn't that great. The game itself wasn't horrible, it was just a huge disapointment since I, like many others, thought it was going to be like the original Amnesia)

Jul 25 2014 Anchor

Lego Racers 2 - Not nearly as good as the first game, disapointment.

Apr 23 2015 Anchor

Battlefield 3 - got it ages after release so i didn't have access to 80% of the maps, really grindy and just generic.
Endless Space - worst 4x game I've ever played. Mind numbingly shallow and awful pretensions at battles.
Endless Legend - everyone said it was so much better than endless space, and sure, the battles are decent. The game itself though is just as shallow as Endless Space and the battles aren't good enough to compensate for it.
Sword of the Stars II - terrible, broken and ugly game. Such a shame after how fun SotS 1 was.
Borderlands 2 - awful gameplay and the most boring loot of any game ever. Compounded with the lack of boss battles, i honestly dont see any appeal to this game.
Hearts of Iron 3 - the game is so unintuitive, lacks any feedback and has some of the most questionable design decisions I've ever seen. The game works, in its own unique kind of way which is more than i thought when i first got it but that doesn't make it good.
Rome 2: Total War - even with the Emperor Edition this game just lacks and personality or flavour. The gameplay is functional now, I wouldn't say it does more but at least it functions unlike on launch. This game is broken from its very core and is beyond repair. Unsurprising then, that CA released Attila to be the fixed version and insulted everyone who bought Rome 2 in doing so.

May 2 2015 Anchor

Starcraft 2 WoL

May 2 2015 Anchor

Stronghold Crusader II, just a cheap sequel of the wonderfully amazing Crusader I game. So much bugs in there and you can even buy DLCs for that messed up thingy. Just DON'T buy that..

May 3 2015 Anchor

Battlefield 3, ended up regreting it because EA let tons of hackers play without proper moderation. (Jet pilots would snipe me each time i would spawn, random spawn areas right after one another... among other crap like that)

Battlefield 4, I didnt learn my lesson and the launch was terrible, and the game STILL to this day is a bug ridden cess pool....

both above examples are 360 editions btw

Good news? I learned my lesson and wont ever buy a EA title ever again.
Bad News? EA owns exclusive rights to make Starwars games..... #%$%^@ dont deserve that shit. so now Starwars is blacklisted too with EA \o/

COD Black Ops : The Game where attack helicopters are sent into battle with killer fax machines (the guns sounded like a fax machine printing)

Hmmm what else did I regret buying....pretty sure there are a few more EA titles im forgetting.....

ah, here is a old regret : Sonic was to childish, even for being a sonic game...i mean SERIOUSLY... "blarghhhh" no, i didnt buy sonic 06 thankfully

Jul 10 2015 Anchor

Stronghold 3: I loved the stronghold series when it was first released, and I've lost track of how many hours I played SH2 (Though, even I think it was buggy and poorly designed)... but SH3... this was probably the biggest disappointment in gaming, of all time (For me at least). I am usually willing to look past a Lot of stuff with games, but there was nothing, on any level that I found redeeming. The firefly team hadn't learned from their mistakes, they hadn't really taken a step forward with mechanics... they didn't even take the things they had done Right in SH and SH2 and applied those things to SH3. This game sunk what faith I had in a developer that I was a Huge fan of, from my childhood.

Neverwinter Nights 2: this is why, to this day I do not trust Obsidian. Rushed, despite years of development. Buggy. Difficult to work with, and using a toolset that was uncomfortable on the best of days. They spent 6 months working on features that never even made it to the final product, but didn't delay to fill the gap left by that hole in their development. I have countless hours on this and nwn1... but I hate this game.

Assassins Creed 3: I actually, really enjoy the AC series. AC 1 and AC4 are two of my favorite games, and I have fond memories of AC2 and it's children. AC3... This is probably the only game I dislike because of it's story. Mechanically it's competent. I can still enjoy it when it's just about beating the British to death with their own weapons. The thing is, Connor Kenway, is my least favorite video game protagonist of all time. He's whiny, he's annoying, he's inconsistent, he a hypocrit, he's a tool... I mean you get to play as his Dad for the first what? Hour of the game? I wanted to go back and play his total bastard of a father for the rest of the game too. More than that, the tonal shift the game has between Haythem and Connor is so jarring they are practically different stories. The guys you chummed up with through the first hour, go from being half-way interesting, to Snidley Whiplash levels of evil in like... 10 seconds, and for no adequately explained reason. The only thing I remember fondly, was standing in a building next to Benjamin Franklin, to have him recite verbatum from some of his early writings, his opinion on sleeping with older women... that was funny. The rest of the game, I could do without.

Reborn:X Waiting...
Jul 19 2015 Anchor

My example:

Gears of War I.

Yes, I know. This is late stuff.


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Aug 15 2015 Anchor

San Andreas was pretty horrible

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Sep 15 2015 Anchor

Sleeping Dogs is my latest addition to the list. I got that for $3 or something really cheap, then just like with Deus Ex Human Revolution, they announced and released a 'Definitive Edition' a short while later. Unlike with HR, I actually got the DE in spite of already owning the base game(Costing me another $5). It's only eight dollars total, so no great loss, but now that I've actually played the game somewhat, I find myself stuck with two versions of a game I don't even enjoy or will likely finish. I didn't lose enough to warrant a real complaint, honestly it's just funny to me.

Sep 26 2015 Anchor

God of War Ascension. You can finish it in 10 hours. And there's no new knowledge or at least a good teaser of GoW. The only good thing about it is it has the best gameplay and graphics but lacks in story, epic scenes and epic boss fights. It's multiplayer mode is also not that addicting once you tried a few hours from it you'll get bored soon.

Sep 26 2015 Anchor

Drakengard 3. Since I compared it to Nier, I thought it will atleast have a nice story but no just full of shit and weird cast. But I guess that's how Drakengard really is anyway. Hate the last boss on ending D. It hurts every passionate gamer for you will need to use a youtube guide to perfect it or make your own by recording every beat but will definitely take too long.

Sep 26 2015 Anchor

NIS America game on PS3 called the "Ar Nosurge". Previous ar tonelico games appealed to on previous consoles but not much on ps3 anymore.

Sep 26 2015 Anchor

Resonance of Fate. I thought it was cool and all but actually only at the beginning. It becomes a bit boring and repetitive in a few hours.

Sep 30 2015 Anchor

Ar NoSurge. I love the Ar Tonelico series on PS1 and PS2. But on PS3? They're a lot stiffer and I easily get bored with it but still manage to platinum it.

Oct 2 2015 Anchor

From my Steam list:

  • Age of Wonders III (9 hrs)
  • Blades of Time (65 min)
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (9 hrs)
  • Divinity: Original Sin (35 hrs)
  • Galactic Civilizations III (9 hrs)
  • The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II (13 hrs)
  • King's Bounty: Crossworlds (2 hrs)
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (7 hrs)
  • Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut (2 hrs)
  • all addons to TW: Shogun 2 and TW: Rome 2

Small and huge disappointments

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Oct 9 2015 Anchor

Devil May Cry PS3 Version. I didn't know that the studio was already different from the creators of DMC 1-4 before I bought it. As a result, the story and MC lacks the appeal, coolness, and epic scenes from the previous DMC games. No wonder it didn't have a sequel anymore.

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