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Jan 4 2013 Anchor

Hi there everyone,
You can call me Zed.

Recently I have taken up Java programming & am working on 3D games following tutorial on the net.
Problem: I don't start my Java course for another few months from now, so I'm using whatever beginner Java Games Development resources are on the net.

I am the sort of person who really wants to stick to coding completely from SCRATCH.

That means coding everything in 3D completely by myself without the assistance of any engines and such.

I know that sounds completely unrealistic due to my understanding of Java but it will (one day) be achievable.

At the moment, I want to create a Zombie Survival Game. I have spent the past month or so planning it out, everything is written down, graphics designers & animators at the ready. This game will be 100% too hard to create from scratch.

I downloaded Unity earlier but not sure what to do with it. I want to use a games engine to create everything in 3D for me, if I have to do a bit of scripting that's fine - can I script in Java? (not javascripting, but scripting in Java).

If so that would be awesome. But yeah. Here's a little about what I want the game to be made of:

Several layers in the ground. The ground & anything else will be made out of BLOCKS. This is for ease of use - No, I don't mean like Minecraft, I mean it will be a .png file that's imported. There will be Stone - On the ground, Dirt - Above the stone, unless stone is on the floor, Wood - Tree's, houses w/e, Sand - Beaches and what not, Glass (and lots of other things like that, that you can find in houses and what not) These will all be designed by my designer and be as a .png so it wouldn't all be blocky.

Basically what I'm asking for is a landscape to be set out completely how I want it. Then the ability to add NPC's (Zombie's and Survivors) and the ability to do things like Drive Cars and what not.

I don't know if this is asking a lot, I'm not a games developer. In 2 years time I will be 100% coding my own stuff. This is just the beginning.

Thanks everyone!


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