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Mar 21 2013 Anchor

Hey guys,

I'm new to the forums and I created an account to chat on here a bit and stuff :) . I tried to list one of my games to the game db (as I'm an indie developer) and whoa... the form is so complete I just gave up filling it in... It has so many options and stuff I couldn't complete it?

Do you think a good suggestion would be to simplify the listing process?

Just in case.

Henley the sun never sets on the eternally cool
Mar 22 2013 Anchor

What could you not fill in?


Mar 22 2013 Anchor

The actual problem were the thumbnails, those are so strict and big that - I didn't have stuff to post there and I had to make them again! More than a complex process, the correct word would be slightly tedious, as there are many options to fill in, provided that you have completed your game company information!

The pros - maybe it makes the spammers duty more difficult to complete
The cons - ordinary indie developers have to take a lot of time fillin it in!

However, I'm decided to complete it, don't know when or how, but I'll complete it :)

Henley the sun never sets on the eternally cool
Apr 1 2013 Anchor

I do not see how it would be complex to complete promotional media for your game. If you cannot maybe it is too early for you to be making a profile for your game?


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