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Oct 11 2013 Anchor

Hi folks,

I'm working on a new version of my game design website... here:
Note that the weird graphic with the pastel colors will be replaced by a profile picture once I get a proper one.
Any thoughs/suggestions? I'm on a master's in game design now and am trying to appeal to potential employers after my studies.

(By the way, I haven't been on here for a long time (not since there was only Mod DB and no Indie DB, actually!), but everything looks as cool as ever :))

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Oct 11 2013 Anchor

Very nice looking and straight forward for a portfolio.

But as an employer I would like to read more about what was your role in each of the projects. You seem to list a lot of programming languages but doesn't seem like you did a lot of programming?

Your work/education/volunteering looks pretty convincing.

I think it boils down to which job title you're going for.
- Most programmers can probably list more proof of expertise in their portfolios than you have. If you have more material on programming you should list it.
- For level design jobs I would want to see more sketches and information on your level design process and ideas.
- For game design I would like to see game design documents and again if you have any material on how you refine and process your ideas from an idea to a feasible game
- For writing I'd like to see more text, storyboard sketches, dialogue, plot layouts etc...

It's good show of all-around proficiency that is perhaps good for smaller (often mobile gaming) companies using Unity, but not so much for traditional game development that usually seek specific positions like coder, artist, modeler, writer. Most companies usually don't look to hire "game designers", rather they promote some of their line workers to management positions such as "director" on a project basis and work on game ideas as a team.

Remember that location is everything so you'd need to pit your portfolio against those who look for work in the same area. Ask around local companies or further if you are willing to move or commute.

PS. It's a bit of a detail but I wouldn't use the expression "for mentally challenged users". Somehow that gives of the impression that you want to stress these people don't have as high standards as regular people. You should just leave out the part and list your position as "Teacher, Dagtilbudet Lærkevej" and the game as "Balloons!A simple LibGDX based game about blowing up balloons designed for use with an large touch screen" or "Balloons!A simple LibGDX based game about blowing up balloons designed for use with an large touch screen at Dagtilbudet Lærkevej" if you want to highlight you made it there.

Oct 11 2013 Anchor

All very interesting games which all have an interesting twist. Have you considered taking some thing very mainstream like COD and doing something to make it better. Obviously on a smaller scale.

If I where looking for a competent designer I would be looking for some one who can not only make intuitive and exciting new games I would also want some one who is capable of building on a tried and tested formula.


Someone wrote: Her?

Oct 11 2013 Anchor

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

I'll work on a way to present the process and include some details on the programming/game design/level design/writing processes.
Regarding location, unfortunately there aren't many larger game companies around here, but contacting those that are seems like an excellent idea!
About the mentally challenged users: actually I included that sentence for Balloons! to show off my abilities developing for very specific target audiences. However, I can see how it can be interpreted in less fortunate ways... any ideas? Otherwise I'll take you advice and cut out that part. As for the resume, my work at Lærkevej has been more pedagogical than educational which is why I added the further specification, but I'll remove it so people don't misinterpret my intentions.

I'm glad you think so -- but yes, I'd like to have some slightly more mainstream games to display as well. I'll keep it in mind when looking for my next projects!

Thanks again :) (also, further comments will still be much appreciated!!)

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Oct 11 2013 Anchor

Can you make models for unity engine ?
Are you good at designing (2d for gui and/or 3d for models and scenery) ?
In blender or such 3d editors that can be exported to unity.

Oct 11 2013 Anchor

No, unfortunately I know nothing of 3D modelling, texturing, rigging, or animation, and my drawing and graphical design skills are limited to say the least :)

Oct 11 2013 Anchor

Good, my advice is that you emphasise things that you are good in on your website. Good luck !

Oct 13 2013 Anchor

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind!

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