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Feb 4 2012 Anchor

Hi, I just read this thread. I played this on pc a long time ago when I was little, I think it was on a floppy. Anyway, I think it's a good idea. I don't have any skills but I found some concepts.

Lots of gameplay on youtube.

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Feb 5 2012 Anchor

Hmm never thought of looking on youtube! It's seriously fun just watching it played. You know, I'm going to try and get a hold of this game again and play through it. I never would have expected it to work on modern operating systems!

Feb 16 2012 Anchor

those playthroughs might already help us in rounding up a list of ships! Although some CGI only ships should also appear, like that shuttle in the introduction of the first G police.

If a ship pack gets made, then whatever may happen, it'll ensure other projects could be started much more quickly...

AJ, just a thought! Who is that modeler you are referring to? We certainly could use him for G police ships...

Feb 27 2012 Anchor

He's a friend I've had since college, a friend of a guy I did some mod work with back in 2005 ish, who also went on to become a friend. Haven't spoken to him in a while, so I'm unsure of his situation, but I'm pretty sure he's yet to really apply his mad skills to anything, so should be interested.

Mar 5 2012 Anchor

Could be quite good! I'm sure that could boost the project considerably!

Mar 16 2012 Anchor

Convenient that I just found this thread via Google and it seems to have been recently updated. I've just been working on a port plus redesign of the Weapons of Justice version of the Venom Gunship.

I should probably mention that the target engine for this was Unreal Engine 2.5, specifically UT2004.

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Mar 17 2012 Anchor

funny how that venom is quite different from the original g police...

Mar 17 2012 Anchor

I'm not sure whether that's an observation, a lament upon the redesign or a lament that it's not the GP1 version, which is a modified Havoc.

WoJ Venom concept art:

Mar 18 2012 Anchor

not a lament, simply an observation: the venom here looks much more streamlined, yet it also looks great!

can you give an estimate regarding the number of ships in WoJ? The tavalera/Barossa/excelsior capital ship class would be great to implement too...

excellent work!

Mar 18 2012 Anchor


I've recently replayed WoJ, so I should be able to give a good estimate. Marine and GP forces share bombers and fighters in this game.

GP ships:
Havoc, Venom Gunships; Proto Venom, Corsair Fighter, Scorcher Bomber, Barossa Capital-Class ship, Heavy Transport

Gang ships:
Thug, Murderer, Butcher, Assassin Fighters; Killer Bomber; Orion Gunboat; Dropship

Marine ships:
Zombie, Wyrm, Samurai, Corvette, Cerberus, Corsair, Mace, Splinter, Interceptor Fighters; Scorcher Bomber; Titan Gunboat; Dropship; Excelsior, Talavera Capital-class ship; Vehicle Transporter, Heavy Transport

Those should be all ships present in WoJ.

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Mar 23 2012 Anchor

hmm, looks good! Should you have played g police 1, can you tell me if some models from there are being reused (perhaps under a different name)?

Mar 23 2012 Anchor

I believe some of the Nanosoft craft are used by Gangs under a different name. Compare the Gang Thug and Nanosoft Lynx fighters, and the Gang Killer and Nanosoft Panther bombers. The Freighters are the same, but the Gang gunboat is the Krakov Argon Gunboat from the first game.

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Mar 23 2012 Anchor

interesting! what about civilian designs like the cobra, manta, piranha etc... do they make a comeback?

for the rest, good news! Less models to take into account!

steorra: do you have a copy of g police for PC? should there be a way to extract the models from the game, we could then use them for the time being (might be easier to do here then on the PS1 version).

additionnal question: might anyone know of a model ripper compatible with those old direct x games like g police? those could then act as placeholders while we wait for more up to date models...

Apr 9 2013 Anchor

Hi steorra. It's been a while. Are there any news on this promising project?

Apr 9 2013 Anchor

Thought this was dead, would be interesting if this idea got picked up.

Jul 1 2013 Anchor

Just found this thread via google - massive G Police fan, played it when i was 12 in 1997, im 28 now. So sad the game hasn't been brought into the modern age. I don't know anything about game development but I have registered here to help out with the project in anyway I can. I hope the thread isn't dead!

Jul 5 2013 Anchor

I still have the original G-Police for the Pc plus the box.I could unfortunately never get past mission 15 where you had to protect either the Krakov officials against Nanosoft attackers and the cheat god would not works as if you used them you couldn't advance to the next mission. :( Would love to be able to finish the game.

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Nov 3 2013 Anchor

Extent of progress:


Venom MK1

Venom MK2


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Admiral_Nemo Designer
Nov 3 2013 Anchor

Is this Unity? Looking cool so far.


"Not lazy, I'm passive progressive."  

Nov 3 2013 Anchor

This is Unreal Engine 2.5 (Unreal Tournament 2004.)

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